1 year ago

Tips on getting labor started?!

I’m 38w4d and I am so ready to get this baby out I can barley walk the pain is unbearable at times because of my scoliosis 😭 what have you tried and has worked for you?
Tips on getting labor started?!

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24 days ago

Sexy time for sure! Worked for me! A bit uncomfortable but it got things moving!

1 month ago

I walked for an 1 and 45 mins. Then sat and bounced on my medicine ball for 30 mins. Next morning I had my baby girl

1 month ago

Well, I had evening primose, did pregnancy ball exercises & rasberry prep tea. You never know what really started labor tho lol I’m guessing a combo? But a few hours after I took the evening primose I started having contractions & I was in pain walking my last wk of pregnancy too.

2 months ago

Sex I think I tried everything in the book but one day I had enough it was periperi wings, birthing ball and nothing worked 10 mins after sex my waters went and I was only 37 weeks

2 months ago

Sex is what helped with both of my pregnancies. Sperm is a natural pitocin

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