• R
  • Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
  • 10 months ago

Baby pics on social media??

Do u post many pics of your child on social media eg fb and how do u feel about others posting pics of your child
  • K
  • Orchard Park, United States
  • 7 days ago

I have tons of pictures of my kids and others have shared their pictures too. But I don’t share my location and any pictures of where I live. But my hubby is a Marvel Artist so we go to tons of comic cons. My son has been in the news paper etc. we do have some safety measures though

  • D
  • Van Buren, United States
  • 7 days ago

We use Tinybeans to post pictures for our friends and family. It’s an app so it’s nice because people on social media aren’t overloaded with my children’s pictures 😂

  • E
  • Raleigh, United States
  • 18 days ago

For moms that don't like posting there is an app called Family Time Album where you can post a TON of pictures and videos and only the people you invite have access to those photos. You can even purchase photo books and DVDs directly from the app. Other than if you want to make a purchase it's completely free

  • T
  • 19 days ago

Nope, I do not post at all. I just feel safer that way. My kids photos do not get into the wrong hands.

  • A
  • WA, US
  • 23 days ago

All my accounts are set to private. I post a SHIT TON of pics. The only other people who post them are the gmas. Which is fine by me because they're only friends with family anyway :-)

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