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  • Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
  • 4 months ago

Baby pics on social media??

Do u post many pics of your child on social media eg fb and how do u feel about others posting pics of your child
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  • Woodstock, United States
  • 11 days ago

I do once a year or so on Facebook and I keep it pretty private. I don’t like people posting photos of my kids without my consent. I do however use 23 snaps and post photos but I have only a handful of close friends and family on there.

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  • Huntington Beach, United States
  • 13 days ago

We don’t post pictures of our guy very often and are selective of ones other people post. To give him the opportunity in the future to decide what’s out there. We use an app called tiny beans for close friends and family who actually want to see daily updates and we can post more personal (nakie) photos without worrying if they may pop up on social medial in the future for him.

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  • Craigmore, Australia
  • 22 days ago

My husband and I asked our family and friends not to post any pics of our baby in Facebook as we wanted to be the ones who determine what photos go on social media of her. My Facebook is very private. My husband and I actually aren’t friends with my mother in law on Facebook but I saw that she had posted a picture of our baby girl (full faced view too). So her Facebook is very public. My husband gave her a friendly reminder that we had requested no photos of our daughter and she ended up blocking my husband and I on Facebook 🤦‍♀️

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  • Portland, United States
  • 24 days ago

When I was pregnant with my son, I planned on not posting him on social media for awhile. Once he was born, he was just sooo beautiful and I knew all my friends and family were dying to see him. Now I post pictures of him all the time. My accounts are on private and I’m very selective about what people I allow to follow my account. I do not see what’s wrong with sharing photos of my son for my friends and family to see. I think if I was a celebrity or someone with a huge following, I would keep my son’s photos private to protect him. However, that is not a concern for me. I’m at home with him all the time and I love capturing our days together. It’s fun for my family who lives out of town to be able to see how much he is growing.

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  • Anderson, United States
  • a month ago

I have a 1 1/2 year old son. Pictures of him have not been posted on any social media. & family members/friends don't post him on theirs either, per my request. I don't feel bad about it. He's my child. I feel like the people that need/want to see him, do. No need to post him for strangers to see.

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  • Mission Viejo, United States
  • 16 days ago

Wow u have a great support system- yea my family friends we’re the opposite unfortunately. People were like ur the parents why not your baby posts but we find him on your family/friends posts?! Super annoying 😒

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  • Farmington Hills, United States
  • 24 days ago

Agree !

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