1 year ago

Mamas who have suffered loss?

I am 7w3d. This is my second pregnancy, my husband and I lost our first baby. They did an ultrasound last Wednesday and said everything is looking great so far. But I need mamas that understand my anxiety. How do you get through the fear?
Mamas who have suffered loss?

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27 days ago

Take it one day at a time. I know it’s easier said than done but you’ve got this and I know you do. That won’t stop your anxiety but it’ll keep you more in the moment. SPEAK LIFE into your growing little one. I had the anxiety allll through my second pregnancy because we suffered a loss a month th prior to getting pregnant with her. So I understand your anxiety to the fullest. You’ve got this baby. That baby will be full term and healthy at birth and forever more.

27 days ago

Like someone told me in the most nervous times “close your eyes out your hands on your belly, breath and say I’m ok, the baby is ok, everything is gonna be ok” What’s meant to be will be. I have gone through it I know, what is meant to be for you it will be for you no matter what. Keep the hope and positive thoughts. God will be there to heal you & guide you.

3 months ago

I've had my rainbow baby in April it was 3rd time lucky for us I kept thinking ill be fine when I get to the 12 week scan, then it was the 20 week scan but the anxiety stayed all through the pregnancy I was classed as high risk so I had scans every 2 weeks and still worried between each scan that something was going to go wrong. I went into labour 3 weeks early and worried all the way through ended up with an emergency c section amd the relief I felt when she was in my arms and crying. The anxiety is always with you and to be honest I still worry now I find my self staring at her to make sure I can see her little tummy going up and down when she's fast asleep. Once you've experienced loss you kind of have an even stronger understanding of how precious this little life is

3 months ago

I had a miscarriage back in 2011 and I just had my rainbow baby December 2021. I was constantly checking our babies heartbeat drove my husband nuts. I hope everything is going ok for you and wish you the best of luck.

3 months ago

Im sorry for your losses. I know what you are feeling, i’ve lost two myself. First was a miscarriage at 8-9 weeks and the second was a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks, where the baby had been removed surgically. I got pregnant again 3 months after that last one, and i was so scared something would go wrong again. I went to the walk in early pregnancy clinic 3 times before my 12 week scan, for a scan to make sure everything was still ok, but i couldnt stop worrying untill my son was born. I ‘ve had the same with my second son, but now i have two healthy boys, but still think about the due dates and the dates i’ve lost the other two, and light a candle on those dates. I’ve also designed a tattoo when my first boy was born with his name, and i’ve also put two butterflies with the body of the miscarriage symbols in it so they are always with me as part of the family, just like my healthy boys. I hope you will have a healthy baby with the next pregnancy x.

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