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  • Buckhannon, United States
  • 4 months ago

Losing my Religion

Any SAHM’s that constantly hear sly comments about staying at home? And for the FIRST time from my husband.. because he works so so much. 6 days a week, at least 12 hour days. And he mentioned that I don’t have to do anything........ I don’t do nothing. We as a family, me him and our daughter moved states away from everything we knew. No family, no friends for this job opportunity for him, for our family. The comment makes me feel like he thinks I don’t contribute to our family.. that sucks pretty bad. I am considering going back to work but only if I can move back home.. have any of y’all had guilt of being a stay at home momma? ☹️
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  • Sacramento, United States
  • a month ago

You know what i did up till now. I still feel bad but not as much and thos is why. The term "child care" for one urks me.. Youre going to pay someone to care for YOUR child when the parents should be raising them in the ideal circumstance. Why go to work if he makes plenty of money and can care for you and your child/children?? He or she would prefer memories of mom or dad more than some other sitter.and even if its a relative they are not you and theyll grow up how someone else raised them. I understand not everyone can afford to have a stay at home parent and thats fine youre providing for your family, but dont leave the child out of guilt. Tell him youre raising both your child and that is the most important job you can have. Your child is healthy and with mom, nothing better than that. Plus im learning stay at home mom is nooooo joke. Its hard and a never ending job..youre alwayd mom amd always on alert.

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  • New York, United States
  • a month ago

A stay at home mom is a million times harder than going work

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  • Auburn, USA
  • 2 months ago

I use to feel bad and inadequate. But then I remind myself I clean, laundry, care for my kids, home work, and now dogs! My SO did that to me so one day I decided for a entire week I did nothing. He was pissed told me what happened I told him you said I dont do anything so this is what it looks like when I do nothing! Never said it to me again. And we cleaned our house that weekend together. He appreciates me now

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  • Knik-Fairview, United States
  • 4 months ago

We have four kids. Twin infants. My husband is very supportive of me staying home.. Usually. But every once in awhile he will have an especially bad day at work and hey a hair up his butt about me "not doing anything" or "sitting around all day" while he works. 🙄 Yeah. With twin infants a toddler and a 5yo I do nothing? Lol. I get more mad about it than feeling guilty. My mom also likes to remind me constantly how lucky I am that I get "just stay home". Yeah. I could work. And then we'd have a ridiculously high daycare bill and strangers raising our kids.

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  • Fort Mill, United States
  • 4 months ago

Men have no idea! They think we just roll out of bed whenever we want to, put on a show for a kid, and let them sit there all day while we do our mani, pedi’s or whatever the heck else we do to pamper ourselves. And that’s because I have noticed how my husband is when I leave two kiddos with him, to catch up and contribute on the weekend. I’m like “u have no idea what I go thru daily, cuz I see u barely doing much on the weekend with and for them, so no wonder u think this is easy”.... and honestly I was also that way before having kids. I would say “stay at home mom? How hard can it be?!?” Where sometimes now I wish I was back at work instead! Hahaha. Cheer up mama! As long as ur kiddo is happy, going to the parks. Libraries. Play dates. Eats yummy food mama makes, that’s all it matters !!! Cuz clearly kiddo has stimulation and day packed with activities, that keeps u and the kiddo busy that’s all it matters. And screw what “some” of our husbands think! Cuz they won’t ever get it, till they switch roles

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