C Section Recovery

It's been about 3 wks since I had a c section and had my son, my daughter was a natural birth 8 yrs ago. I'm just wondering how long it's going to take to heal, I still feel overweight, tired and the scar still stings. I'm definitely not feeling like myself yet, Is this normal? I'm not having bad PPD or anything like that just trying to recover.
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Hi Mandy! Prenatal and postnatal exercise specialist here! Csection recovery takes time. I highly recommend working on desensitizing the scar and then mobilizing it to prevent scar adhesions once your incision is fully healed. You can first start by gently touching around and on the scar for a few minutes with a cotton round or soft blanket. Then you can move to gentle massage around and on the scar...think little circles in both directions. It is totally normal for you to not feel like yourself 3 weeks PP. Full healing bc of all the Hormonal changes esp if breastfeeding can take up to a year+! Focus on what you can do to nourish your body and rest. I share lots more tips on instagram instagram.com/catgieser sending hugs! ❤️

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