1 year ago

10lb 2 oz baby! Induction stories?

Induction booked for Tuesday after finding out that baby is measuring as a 10lb whopper!!! Please send me your positive induction stories, it’s my first baby and I’m a very petite 5ft 3 so kind of freaking out!
10lb 2 oz baby! Induction stories?

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28 days ago

I've had three babies. 1st was born naturally at 36 weeks and was 6lbs. 2nd born naturally at 38 weeks weighing 8lbs 6oz. My third was ten days overdue. Throughout the whole pregnancy I kept saying she was going to be huge and I was so worried as I am only 5ft tall and pre pregnancy I was a tiny 95lbs size 4uk. Well the midwives laughed as did the sonographer. All telling me it was highly unlikely at my size that id have a whopper and that she was only measuring around 7lbs. Well I had her naturally ten days late, it was a super quick birth..waters broke and she was delivered an hour later. She was 9lbs 12oz. Yes not as big as 10lbs I know but a whopper for the size of me. And wow had those midwives got it wrong! However there were no issues. I tore the tiniest bit. Didn't even need stitches. So please try not to worry. They do get it wrong! Btw I had no pain relief for any of my babies. You've got this girl!! Xx

1 month ago

@Sarah soooooo true. At my 38 week appt I was told my baby would be 8lbs, 4oz. My baby came out at 7lbs, 5oz it's 2022 they should get it together.

1 month ago

Mine was 9lbs 10oz. And had a good experience being induced! My midwives we're amazing and helped me so much through it all. I really didn't want to be induced.. but I was almost 2 weeks late, they didn't induce me cause he was big haha. I didn't want it because I know one intervention typically leads to more. I was induced and my water broken in the morning (after I went into labor naturally that morning) But hospital policy in to induce if we're checked in.i was put on pitocin, ended up choosing an epidural about 5 hrs later because I was having strong contractions and only at 6cm. Baby was born late that night, healthy and strong! It wasn't what I wanted but it was good. And we are all healthy and safe which was the most important part. I barely tore, and only got stitches because 2 grazes we're so close together they didn't want them to heal together.

2 months ago

My daughter that was born last Friday was 10lb7.5oz. She had to go into 3-6month clothes and size 2 nappies as nothing else fitted her

2 months ago

My baby girl was 10lb 7oz size 1 nappies 0-3 clothing x

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