Pregnancy workouts

If anyone would like an accountability partner during pregnancy, I’m here! 💕 20 weeks and going to the gym regularly has been such a blessing
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You go girl! No gym for me, but been working out at home 4 days a week and feeling great.

Keep it up momma! I went running until the day before my due date. I was a little bummed my water broke on my due date because I was planning on another run. LOL Doctor says it definitely helped with my stamina when I had to push for almost 3 hours with a 101° fever.

I really need to start once my nausea subsides 🤢 i told myself at the start of trying to get pregnant that I was going to start my workout program and lose 15 lbs before getting pregnant and then also workout everyday of pregnancy. Then reality set in and i got pregnant prior to being able to start and lose any weight and then at 5 weeks i got the worst nausea and haven’t been able to at all. I’m going to try my best to get my ass going today though! 🙌🏼

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WOOHOO FINALLY JUST STARTED BACK UP! I got a prenatal trainer 3 days a week so it would help with my motivation and force me to workout lol

I can't seem to get the motivation to start!! The gyms are closed here and I download workout apps and then never open them.. but id love to actually start and do something every day! I just don't know where to start 😭 Can you give me a kick up the ass? 😅

Great job! Would love the accountability!

Well done!! I got a PT as our gyms all closed but it's been such a blessing and made for a much easier pregnancy. Good job!! 💕

Well done!!! Where are you based Ajsela?

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Fargo, ND! 💕

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