4 years ago

5 days left and I’m going crazy

I have 5 days til my due date and today was my first day home from work! What do I do?! I’m dying from boredom and I feel like Asher will never come 😫
5 days left and I’m going crazy

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5 months ago

Oh gosh you worked right up until go you!! What did you do for work?

3 years ago

Take a nap!!!! Lol

4 years ago

Try to relax... I had the same thing and I was a month off before having my little guy. The first few days were brutal and I was so bored but after those days I was so relaxed... sleep in, binge watch Netflix, read, eat your favourite foods, go on lots of walks to help bring on that labour, go see a movie. Enjoy this time because you will miss it.

4 years ago

Weird how the app introduced tour post to me now and it was two months ago! Lol but what i was going to say if it was new..and you might or might now agree with me now.. Is i was the exact same way so frustrated she went onr week past but i now understand when moms were telling me to soak it up.. I wish i could go back so bad. Her/his little self will never be that little again. Every age is so precious but youll probably agree with me on this once theyre born time goes by ultra fast

4 years ago

Did you have baby yet

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4 years ago

Look a couple posts above yours mama

4 years ago

Congratulations I’m soooo happy for you! How are you feeling?

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