It’s a girl!!

Did a early gender test (I am 10 weeks) and reveled the results this weekend to close family. My son clearly wanted a brother lol. We are so excited and blessed! Hopefully everything confirms on the 20 week ultrasound.
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I did a sneek peek test and they got the gender wrong 😩 it was so disappointing! I hope they managed to get yours right x

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Ugh I hope it’s right... I am nervous about it, but I heard it’s usually wrong with boys because of cross contamination...hopefully it’s a girl, will see lol 


Congrats 🌸

Wow didn't even know you could find out as early as 10 weeks! Congrats x

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Wow I had to wait until 16 weeks with mine xx

You can take the test as early as 8 weeks, I waited a little bit longer but I agree crazy! Will see if it right before we buy stuff though lol

😂🥰❤️ congrats 🎊

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Thanks you!

Love this! Congratulations 🎉💕

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Thank you 😊

Congratulations!! Thats an amazing photo capturing all your emotions haha xx

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Thank you lol


I’m dying at your son 😂😂😂 he’s gonna love her 💖

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I know lol he is always so dramatic

Did u use speak peak? Xx

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Yes I used sneak peek

Congratulations!! How long did it take you get to your results back from sneak peek? I sent mine in on Friday!!

aww. is that him in the corner??? 🤣🤣 the disappointment but he looks happy though ❤

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Yes he is happy but really wanted a brother lol

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