My Santa is a woman box is ready! What have you guys picked in yours?

What have you guys picked for yours?
My Santa is a woman box is ready! What have you guys picked in yours?
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Mine just arrived but and there is a return address label but I'm not so sure about how best to return it! The box can be opened after i post it as there's no security seal so how do i know it won't be opened and emptied before it reaches a woman in need? Am i supposed to gift wrap it? To be honest I'm thinking about just donating to Refuge instead as i know what I give online will reach them, and i wont have to stand in post office queue for 45 min and pay postage for a large box. Shame, as it was a nice idea but maybe more difficult in covid context too as everything you put in must be new. I've tagged @Santa in case one of his peanut elves can give any advice to help.

I got an email last week that the box is on its way but I’ve not received anything yet, thank you for the ideas 😊

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To be honest mine took 3 weeks to Arrive - gives you basic instruction and a postage label to send back ! Rest is down to us to decide x

Thank you, I just hope whoever it’s for gets it in time for Christmas! Xx

How do you do this

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I waved at Santa is a woman as it came up like a new mom / match - I then got sent an email to register to receive a box. I can forward email if you would like to try?

I’ve seen how to order the box but I haven’t got a clue what to do or anything

Just ordered mine. Does it come with a suggested list of items? And an address to send it off to? X

I have cotton pads / body butter and tampons so far and will pick up some shower gel and maybe something more at the weekend!

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What’s a santa is a women box? Xx

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I've just read about it, you get a box sent to you via this app though I'm not sure how. Fill it with items and they get sent to women in poverty. I'm not sure if peanut give you an address to send it. Sounds a lovely initiative but I don't know enough about it.

They send an address sticker to send it back on :)

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