5 years ago

How long is it okay to let my son see me naked

At what age do I stop letting him see me naked? let's just get it clear I'm not running around the house like it's the 70s,,, but everyone seems to need mommy when I'm in the shower and or getting dressed.. At what age do I put a stop to it and is there any reason why don't get me wrong I don't expect my son to see me butthole naked at like the age of 12 or something I'm just wondering when and why.... so I guess how soon? He's 4 btw
How long is it okay to let my son see me naked

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4 years ago

When your son starts asking what is that? (Pointing at your vagina) or how come you dont have what I have?

4 years ago

My dad raised me with the mindset that my body is anatomy and shouldn’t be sexualized so I was never just walking around naked but in highschool I’d be in a sports bra and shorts around my dad a lot and it was never weird he’d also come out of the shower in just his underwear and then get dressed in the living room where he’d laid his clothes out for work it was never weird

4 years ago

when it starts to feel weird or uncomfortable . lol. i feel like we can usually just tell when they are becoming too aware

4 years ago

I will say im 23 years old and i just saw my mom naked today and it didn't faze me one bit. If you raise them to see a body as something completely natural they won't be traumatized when they accidentally walk in on you. Yes bodies are private so they can't stare or touch but to see them is not a bad thing

4 years ago

As long as you both are comfortable. If/when he starts trying to hide his body from you (asking you to leave so he can change etc..) Or he starts seeming embarrassed when he sees you naked. Until then just don't say anything. Let him know that human bodies are nothing to be ashamed of, use correct words for your anatomy if he asks, and don't act like it's some big taboo subject. As he grows into adult hood it will give him more self confidence and a deeper respect for his partners.

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