Help! Did my water break?

Mamas I need help, this is my first pregnancy and I am 36 weeks today. I just went to get out of bed for the morning and I don’t know if I peed myself or if it was my water breaking. When I went to get up I felt a rush of fluid and it’s clear on my bedsheet. I don’t know if I should call my doctor or wait for contractions. I also have my next appointment on Friday where they’re checking me.
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Happened to me twice, phoned the midwife who advised I went to the hospital to have the test and both times came back negative for amniotic fluid. Then on 40+2, after just getting into bed to rest after having some period like cramping, my waters broke just like what you see in the movies! Heard and felt a pop and my leggings and socks were saturated and baby was born 10 hours later 😊 no question then if was my waters but totally advise getting checked out if unsure.

This happened to me too, and it was BV, which my dr said was super common

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What is bv??

Get it checked now.

Even if u called the mid wife the would send u in to be checked xxx

If I were you I'd phone the hospital and get checked. My hind waters leaked and I was admitted the same day. Its not safe for baby if you've had a leak x

Definitely call your dr. If it was your water & you wait, you could get an infection in your fluid & it could transmit to the baby.

Tbh anytime you leak anything go In cuz it could be water or amniotic fluid ... those can happen with no contractions. And you can have a leak In your water without if fully breaking as well

It was only normal discharge! I went to see my doctor and they tested it to see if it was amniotic fluid or not. But they did say baby is starting to push down more!

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I had that too where they told me it was discharge and BV (apparently real common towards the end)and then my water actually broke a couple weeks later and it was a huge difference BUT after 4 hours they sent me home and said not my water (I knew it was but couldn't argue anymore) so I went home reluctantly and was in major labor. Went back 2 hours later to try to convince them and shift changed happened thankfully (nurses were annoyed I kept insisting and wouldn't go home the first time without all the tests) and I was deep into labor and finally took serious. I will always go in, we know our bodies and if it isn't labor it isn't right.

You posted 10 hours ago, I hope you went to get checked out. Good luck!

Any updates?

Well are you in labor?!? Would love to hear how this went!

It doesn't have to keep flowing for it to be your waters! I had a slow leak that started at 37+4, I thought I was peeing myself, next day I got checked and had to have an emergency csection - it was amniotic fluid. Get checked!

Your waters will smell sweet. But doesn’t hurt to get checked out as there is a risk of infection

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What kind of infection ?

Just means the baby is unprotected from external bacteria if her water broke.

Get checked xxx

Don’t just ignore it, if it’s your waters then there’s a risk of infection to your baby! good luck xxx

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This is exactly what happened to me and was my waters! Massive gush was scared to move. Which was eventually confirmed by the hospital.

If it keeps flowing your water broke.

This happened during my first pregnancy and I called the maternity ward immediately who confirmed it was my waters and I had to go straight into hospital 💗

My first pregnancy my water broke and i had a gush and no contractions at all and wound of delivering at 28 weeks with no contractions no pain nothing. I would def call your doctor for assurance you dont went to deliver alone. Good luck mama

Smell it to see if it’s urine. You will most definitely know. If there’s no odor you need to go to triage and determine if it’s your waters.

Ring triage and get checked out, they can do an amniquick test to see if it your waters that have broken.

I would go into the ER get this checked out.

I’ve had this a few times since 21 weeks- I got checked at triage and it was either wee or discharge but worth them doing a swab to check it isn’t amniotic fluid

I’d call the dr even if you don’t have contractions. They may have you come in to see if it actually was your water or not. They will advise from there what they think you should do. I’d have my bag packed and ready to welcome your little one soon ❤️

Lay down for awhile and then stand up, if you get a gush again it could be your water. Or if you don't have time to lay down, put a pad on and if its soaked in like an hour call your doc!!

Put a sanitary towel on and check it again in half hour/hour and if it’s really wet then it could be your waters breaking x

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