1 year ago

Has anyone got a pretty push gift?

I want to know!
Has anyone got a pretty push gift?

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19 days ago

I gave birth on August 8th to our second child. On Sept. 4th. my husband went grocery shopping and running errands..as he comes back home, out 2.5 yo boy greets him at the door, then my husband starts unpacking, my toddler is playing near us, I’m walking around the house with the newborn on my chest and my husband says: our babies are so precious, they are like diamonds…My though was: What a nice thing to say, I love that you think so. He then grabs my hand and takes me to the kicken pointing at the box with two diamond earrings and says: these are for you, for pushing out our little diamonds 🥰 I was shocked!! My husband has a way of surprising me but he hadn’t done so in such a loooong time that I almost cried when he did that 🥹 It was not expected at all.

24 days ago

We’ve talked about it. When I’m ready, it’ll be a trip for myself he’ll pay for 😂😂 I didn’t want an item. I told him give me the money or pay for my getaway. So when I’m ready and I think he’s able to stay with baby. I’m getting f flew ouuuuuut 💃🏾🥹

1 month ago

@Tia you said it!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

1 month ago

@Amanda I hate that you don’t think that you did anything worth celebrating when you created life, but you did. You did do something amazing. You are amazing. I am sorry that no one celebrated you for it.

1 month ago

@Tia 🙌🙌🙌

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