I bought it Thursday and I got it the next day 😳 Snacks made with peas

Shipping was hella quick 😆 Of you haven't seen my previous post, check that out. I thought these was going to taste bad 🤢 BUT it really didn't. My kids yummed this up so fast, I think I only have a few bags left 😞 🥺 and I bought the box of 15. At least on top of doing 1 time purchases I can also do a substantial 😝 lol https://www.anrdoezrs.net/click-100215945-14306998 Vegetarian, vegan, non vegetarian, non vegetarian, picky eaters... I mean... this is a win win for everybody 🙌
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Have to try these

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So it dont taste like veggies

You definitely should. I was actually, honestly, surprised. Shit is healthy and it taste like regular stuff you'd buy at the store.

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