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  • Medina, United States
  • 4 months ago

Newborn mother needs advice!!

Lately my 10 week old has been FIGHTING sleep during the day to the point where she's miserable and cranky. It's really hard to get her to take a nap and it makes it really hard to get anything done. I feel like I've tried everything including making the room dark and playing white noise...is this normal for her age? It seems like since she's become more aware of the world that she has a hard time relaxing and falling asleep. Any advice mom's?!
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  • 9 days ago

Usually car rides do it for my baby try that

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  • a month ago

Check out the app “wonder weeks”. It helps to track their developmental ‘leaps’ so you know when a tricky time is coming. You can also learn what baby is working on developmentally In the app. I definitely agree with pp on having a sleep schedule and a routine- for example, when my son wakes up he eats, then we have exciting play/Tummy time, then less stimulating play like talking or singing, change diaper, read him a book, turn on white noise, put him into swaddle, sing a short song and lay him down. Before bedtime at night, it’s a similar routine but we play for longer and it includes a bath. I make sure not to do anything stimulating between bath and bedtime and book when it’s nap time. That way, they associate both with sleeping. The most important thing to do is find what works for you, and be consistent. Baby will learn to associate whatever that routine is with bedtime. They’re so smart 😴🤓

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  • a month ago

I'm sorry to say but sometimes theres nothing you can do, she most likely wants to be held during her nap times, and it's not a good idea to hold or rock her at this age. It's not good to let her cry it out either because shes so small, but sometimes theres nothing you can do, so let her cry for 5 mins and most of the time she'll fall asleep before 5 mins if not then cuddle her feed her talk to her and restart the process. My sons nearly 6 months old now, and I practically coddled him and held him until he was 3 months old so it didnt help when I tried to put him down for naps, plus when the 4 month old recession came (when the baby learns how to active sleep, like a regular human being, they cant keep themselves asleep and this is what happens at 4 months) it was extremely hard to get him to take naps, and we'd let him cry few minutes at a time and he eventually let himself go to sleep. When we transferred him to his crib around 5 1/2 months hes used to going to sleep on his own

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But was hard at first because he loved his rock and play. He still wakes up for nightly feedings tho, havent tried to ween him of those yet

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  • a month ago

If the swing or bouncy chair didn’t help I would use my baby wrap and just carry on with my daily stuff I needed to do and 9 times out of 10 my son would just fall asleep on me and I could still get things done. Win win! Sometimes they just need to be close to your heart and body warmth for comfort. My wrap was honestly a life saver for a while. It’s all a phase and will pass, stay strong mama ❤️

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Might be teething early

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