• K
  • Medina, United States
  • 6 months ago

Newborn mother needs advice!!

Lately my 10 week old has been FIGHTING sleep during the day to the point where she's miserable and cranky. It's really hard to get her to take a nap and it makes it really hard to get anything done. I feel like I've tried everything including making the room dark and playing white noise...is this normal for her age? It seems like since she's become more aware of the world that she has a hard time relaxing and falling asleep. Any advice mom's?!
  • J
  • Raleigh, United States
  • 6 months ago

Newborns and naps can be tricky. I recently just wrote a post on newborns and sleep on my blog at getbabysharp.com. You can also find me on Instagram @getbabysharp or like my Facebook page at Get Baby Sharp. Hopefully you find my post helpful!

  • O
  • NC, US
  • 8 months ago

My baby is doing the very same thing!! Her doctor said it’s normal for your baby to be fussy from 6 weeks till 12 weeks and she said that 8 weeks is the peak of the fussiness and it should be better by 12 weeks

  • A
  • GA, US
  • 11 months ago

My daughter did the same thing for about a week. My dad said she was probably starting to teeth (based on the fact that she was chewing on everything all the time too). What worked for me was getting her nice and cozy swaddled up and nurse her in the rocking chair until she got sleepy, then I would keep rocking until she finally got in a deep sleep and carefully move her to the crib. It would take SO LONG sometimes and sometimes she would just wake up as soon as I’d set her down, so I would just have to hold her and rock her the whole time she napped just so she could get some sleep and be less cranky. Eventually she started sleeping better once she had enough sleep. Ive been told a well rested baby sleeps better/easier than and overtired one. Good luck!!

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  • NC, US
  • 12 months ago

Mine did the same thing have u tried giving him a warm bath then feeding him after .. that is my goto routine for mine she is more relaxed after a bath❤️ if that doesn’t work then try putting him in a carrier I used to just clean and stuff with her in the carrier and then I’d look down and she’s eventually be asleep .. just got to work around it for the time being.. but it’ll get better

  • A
  • Mary Esther, United States
  • about 1 year ago

If we really can’t get my son to sleep we give him a warm bath. Even if he screams through it at the end he’s tired himself out and at least we got him all clean.

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