4 years ago


Who gets their lashes professionally done? Is it crazy expensive? Is it worth it and what is the up keep? I obviously need all the details! Lol

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5 days ago

Complete and utter waste if money. Its fashion and people buy into it all

6 months ago

Yes girl I get mine done every two weeks. It’s an investment at this point.

7 months ago

I love having lashes on. They are always lovely and adds to your beauty . You can try them out!

9 months ago

I am a certified lash tech & do my own, which I do not recommend to anyone 😂😂. But my prices are $80 for a classic full set, $90 for a hybrid full set & $100 for a volume full set! Fill ins are half of each price! I’ve seen some places charge 300-500 for a full set 🙃🙃 which is crazy to me

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9 months ago

Snooped your profile wish I lived closer!! You seem to like a lot of things I do too!

9 months ago

I need mine done!!! I love them so much

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