Santa is a woman box

What are you ladies putting in yours?
Santa is a woman box
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What is this box?!

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That’s amazing! Is it too late for me to get a box?

You get sent a box to fill with woman’s goodies and it’s given to woman in need this xmas! It’s supposed to be uplifting & empowering! Woman helping other woman 💖

Does it have to be new items? Or can you put in gently used items as well?

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I was wondering the same!

I think new things, but if it’s a mix of brand new and some used I would think that it would still be appreciated.

It took a while for my box to get here, but it just came on Saturday. It just turned Wednesday, so I know that they won’t get this box by Christmas, but I am sure they will be very excited when they get it. I was mad they only let you order one box lol.

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I know I’m so bummed it came to late but I know the postal service has been having a hard time keeping up! I’m going tonight to pick some stuff up to fill the box. I’m still excited to do it! Definitely plan on doing another next year 💖

I feel the same. I am excited to fill it up. I hope shipping don’t cost too much, but I know it will because of weight and distance. Mine is going to Cali and I’m in PA.

I still haven’t gotten mine 😫

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Mine just came today!

I hope it’ll get back to them in time 😏

Following because I wanna know what to put in mine we gen it comes

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