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  • 8 months ago

How to have a date night while breastfeeding?

My and my hubby are going to a concert in about 2 weeks& our baby will be 4 months old. He will take a bottle, but he hardly ever has one- I just breastfeed. We will be gone I'm not even sure maybe 6 hours. I have some milk stored for my mom to give him, but what do I do when we are out to keep from getting engorged& to keep my milk supply(I only feed him off one side as it is so I can't afford to lose my supply).
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  • Erlanger, United States
  • 5 months ago

Lansinoh makes a manual pump for only 30 dollars it works great and freshly pumped breast milk can stay out for four to five hours before needing to be refrigerated

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  • AZ, United States
  • 6 months ago

I had a small bottle with me and I would hand express the milk.. I didn’t want to carry a pump bc I don’t like having a big bag ! Have fun!!!! ☺️

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  • Clayfield, AU
  • 7 months ago

From someone prone to engorgement... Just pump/feed before you leave and perhaps when you get home if you need to. Chances of you losing your supply or becoming overly engorged due to 1x 6 hour outing is minimal. Have fun

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  • Sacramento, United States
  • 7 months ago

I personally never pumped when I was away or drank! I’ve been away for 6 hours and never pumped! I never worried about keeping a supply and my daughter would sleep 8 hours at night! Everyone is different

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  • Everett, United States
  • 7 months ago

When I went out for a night while breastfeeding I breastfed my daughter right before leaving Left my mom with a good supply for the night And I had bottles in my purse to go to the bathroom every two hours to hand express my milk out Labeled my bottles before hand with a washable marker with numbers 1-5 In my phone notes I put the time next to the corresponding bottle for when I filled the bottle and threw out the milk that went bad and stored the rest of it If you’re struggling for milk supply I suggest drinking lots and lots of water and pumping every chance you get, hand expressing isn’t as hard as it sounds in case you don’t have a pump. You’re body understands supply and demand so if you express/pump after feeding you’ll let your body know that you need more. Good luck and have fun

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