Hey y’all! I need some girls to talk to!! 💕

I had my sweet girl on December 6th and been staying with my parents. My fiancé and his daughter came for Christmas to pick us up to go home. I am having a really hard time just leaving my families house. I’ve been Super emotional. I need some sweet girls to talk to!! I’m super nervous about everything. This Transitioning is very difficult for me! 😓
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You look stunning after pp. unbelievable 😍😍

It is so hard! Message me if you ever need to chat.

Aww u look great and late congrats on baby . I'm only 11 weeks with my second and have a soon to be 13 year-old daughter but feel free msg me anytime if u want to chat even if its just needing someone to listen too u

I also stayed with my parents when my daughter was first born. My mom helped me through the transition into those first weeks of motherhood. It is hard leaving a comfortable environment where you have guided help to a home where you’re expected to lead. Feel free to message me 🙂

Omg to look like this after giving birth! 😍 I’m 10 month pp and still feel I look pregnant haha

Oh goodness, bless your heart! You look great for one!! Jealous lol, its very hard i know been there done that im on baby number 3 (14 weeks today) id be happy to connect and message with you if you had any questions or just wanted to chat.

message me !!!

I can totally understand being emotional leaving them. May I ask why you stayed with your parents versus being at home with your family after the baby came? Do they live close? Sorry for the questions, I just don’t think I understand your situation

You look so good for just giving birth.

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