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  • a month ago


we haven’t found out the gender of our baby yet, but me & my husband we’re talking & he wants to circumcise our baby if it’s a boy. i’ve read so many things about how awful it is for the baby & i just want to get an opinion from some moms that have & have not had it done. 😭😭😭 i’m conflicted.
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We got our son circumcised which was recommended by our pediatrician as our son has bilateral hydronephrosis which means he is more likely to get UTI’s and to get very ill because of them. so medically it was recommended. The procedure was quick and and my son cried for about a minute. The healing process was rather quick too which healed in a few days with no complications. It is a very personal decision. Don’t let anyone else make you feel guilty for your decision. Just as long as you do your own research and are comfortable with what knowledge you have, you will do what’s right for your son. Good luck x

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My partner and I argued over this. I’m happy to chat! Just message me!

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We did it and our son is perfect. It’s honestly not as bad as everyone claims. This topic gets crazy and some people get so triggered by the mere mention of circumcision so be careful and take everyone’s opinions with a grain of salt

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...making an irreversible decision to remove part of a person's sex organ for your aesthetic without their consent... Just why do it? Why rob your son of the decision? Could you imagine this conversation if we were talking about a girl's clitoris?

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"Not as bad as everyone claims" It's a cosmetic procedure done on unconsenting minors. It's a human rights issue.

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I’m having a baby boy and my partner wanted to get him circumcised and we went to our antinateal classes and the lady talked about circumcising and said it’s not popular these days and they don’t do it at the hospitals anymore you have to go find a proper doctor that will do it and not many will these days unless for medical reasons, I think that their born with it , it should be their we don’t go getting things removed off us girls I think as long as you teach them how to clean properly they will be fine

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Yep. Had it done and no problems. If I have another boy, he'll get it done too.

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