Irish twins

Hi all! So I have just found out I’m 7 weeks pregnant and my baby is only 4 months old! Anyone had the same situation. My son was born in September and my new baby will be born in August... so same school year !!!!
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Hey! I have a 6mo and I am 13 weeks pregnant! My first baby was born in August 24th, 2020, and we scheduled the c-section for this baby for August 20th,2021! Crazy! I’m very anxious because my Ellie will probably be learning how to walk by the time the new baby arrives and I’m not sure how will I be able to give them both the attention they need/deserve! Maybe we can be anxious together? lol 😂

Yup I have two sons who are 11 months apart both the same sign and birthdays are October and November they both are the same age for 3 weeks!!! Ughhhh dnt ask them how old they are doing that time ppl say omg their twins I just smh it doesn't help that the youngest is the same size as the oldest!! They are 14 and 15 now

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I have 2 that are same age for 6w my middle son nov and my eldest is dec xx

Lol trust me when I say when I trained 1 to do something the other had to follow when the oldest 1 was in pull up so was the youngest i can def say its easier to have them on the same track

Me and my sister look like twins and we’re both Gemini, but I was born in ‘81 and she was born in ‘82 in Ireland 🙈🤣 bless you, you’ll have your work cut out for ya 🤗

Same boat! I got pregnant 7 weeks after my first 😅😅

Well I can't say Irish twins because the twins are part of this lol but our daughter was born Dec 1 2019 and the twins were born Sept 16 2020 they are 9 months apart ... They will share the same age for about 2 months growing up..

My baby just turned 11 months and I'm two months pregnant ...is the Irish twins?

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Nah they have to be born within a year of each other, so typically when you get pregnant in the first 3 months after giving birth

Mine are 18mo apart. It was rough in the beginning trying to nurse and tend to my first child. Also, when one cried the other one typically joined in. Do you have family around that can help you out? I had no family around which made it harder. Now they are 8&9 and it’s smooth sailing. You just gotta get past all that diaper and potty training stuff it’s all good.

My daughter was born Aug 2018 and my son sept 2019. 13 mo apart. I still remember when I found out i was pregnant with him I cried so much cause i thought my baby cant be a baby cause ill be busy with this one. Its a lot of stress, some days more than others, but i wouldnt trade it for anything. I absolutely love my Irish twins. 😁

Same here! Had my first in January, then by oct or so I was pregnant again! That’s called Irish twins?? We call them step ladder kids lol

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Irish twins is when they are born within 12 months of each other

Almost! My daughters first birthday is June 18th and baby 2 is due early July x

I’m almost with you! My daughter will be 1 in April 2021 and her little sister is due May 2021 💕 xxxx

My eldest was born dec 2013 ... my middle son nov 2014 lucky not same school year but theres 10½m between them xx

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