New York City, New York, US
1 year ago

🏆 YOU helped 7,000 women in need over the holidays.

When we launched our Santa is a Woman campaign in November, we didn’t expect such an overwhelming response. 7,000 of you reached out to help women in need. ’Tis the season of giving, they say, and you certainly made sure of that. These acts of kindness mean the world to us - and to the women you’ve helped - so we wanted to say a massive thank you and share some of the amazing pictures we’ve been sent. 💡 P.S., If you’re yet to send your box, or yours hasn’t arrived yet due to postal delays, don’t worry. Our chosen charities will truly appreciate your gift no matter the date it arrives!
🏆 YOU helped 7,000 women in need over the holidays.

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7 days ago

How does this work or how can I get a box

1 month ago

I need help

2 months ago

I want a box

2 months ago

How do you sign up to get assistance

2 months ago

How can you sign up to get help

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