Advice for labour in lockdown. 🤰

With the news of another 🇬🇧 U.K. lockdown, we know that many of you will be feeling uncertain and anxious right now, especially if you’re due to give birth soon. And here at Peanut, we’re passionate about providing you with the support that you need. So we’d like to invite our community of mamas and mamas-to-be to share their advice for any women due to go into labour in lockdown. We’d love if you could share your experiences of birth during the pandemic, or a key piece of advice for a mama-to-be below. ⬇️
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I gave birth in July during lockdown so it was sad not to have visitors.

FTM and I recently gave birth in November. We were not on a complete lockdown, but it was different. My water broke around 1AM, and we didn’t go to the hospital until 7AM. We called beforehand because I was unsure at the time what was happening. I was trying to play it off as Braxton Hicks since I wasn’t due for another month. They asked us to come in to triage to get checked out. Just in case we grabbed the hospital bag that I made two days before and the car seat that wasn’t put in the car just yet. Once we arrived to triage they checked me out and told us that I was in labor. Good thing we grabbed the bag and car seat. They moved us to a delivery room. We were asked to wear a mask when a nurse or doctor walked in the room. When it came time to push I didn’t wear my mask. There was me, my husband, and a nurse for the majority of the push time. When it was close to the end the doctor and an additional nurse came in to assist. I don’t have much to compare with since this was our first

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We couldn’t leave the hospital until discharged day, and had to wear a mask if someone entered the room or if we left the room. Those would be the only two things that were different for me. Advice would be just go with it. It’s great that everyone is being cautious. They just want what’s best for you and the baby.

Home birth

The doctor visits were not as frequent btw. But we still did the regular newborn visits. So I just made sure the baby was covered at all times. I had extra set of clothes in the car for both of us. Or I had a sweater that I would take off. Water, sanitizer, all the works. Do what you can to stay safe. Talk to your doctor about your concerns. Ask before you give birth of what’s to be expected. YOU GOT THIS ❤️

Tell them you need them, because you do. Also, have food packed. Not just for you but for your partner too if they’re there with you. With us, we were allowed to receive food at the lobby. He was allowed to go to the cafeteria. I got tested before giving birth. But not after. I don’t know how it is how. Then I DID NOT LET ANYONE NEAR THE BABY who did not need to be there. I did not accept visitors even other family members who were staying home. First of all, I was just at the hospital myself. Second of all, it was just safer for the baby, too.

I had my third baby during lockdown. OB visits definitely got a bit stressful once lockdown was established. I also have two older kids (4 y/o and 2 y/o) so that added to the anxiety (fear of how to go to the doctor’s while staying safe, keeping the family safe). Then I gave birth around July. At first I was a bit anxious when I was told I probably would not be able to have my husband with me since I was scheduled for a C-section. But he ended up joining me. Although, he had to stay inside the hospital the whole 4 days we were there. Which is what something as a couple should be addressed. Let’s face it - sleep deprivation, hunger, among other things can get to you when you are both stuck in the hospital. So try to have a talk beforehand of what’s to be expected. Be more understanding of each other. Mommies, yes, we carry the babies and give life to them. But the dads get tired, too and let’s face it, they sleep when they want most of the time. COMMUNICATE with them.

I gave birth in July when things were just easing from lockdown 1. However my husband was not allowed into the maternity ward with me when I first went in so he dropped me off at the door. My contractions were 6 minutes apart by that point so I struggled in with my bag, pack and a hot water bottle (contractions were going through my back). I had to walk unaided along 2 corridors to the maternity unit where I was parked in a waiting room. I was eventually examined and found to be 6cm so at that point I made my way to the birthing suite (up a flight of stairs, still unaided!). It was only at that point hubby was allowed in. We were very lucky because the rules had just changed so he was allowed to stay with me until I was discharged but there is a chance birthing partners could be asked to leave after the birth. I found the idea hard of going in alone but once my labour started I just got on with it and was grateful when he did join me - now I'm proud of myself for handling it solo until that point!

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Where we suffered was with the care immediately after the birth. Due to covid the midwives were trying to keep contact to a minimum. Unfortunately that meant we were not given proper feeding support before I left (FTM so didn't find out til later what I should have had). As a result baby had a shallow latch at first which I was unable to recognise and didn't know any better. During post natal appointments we saw a different midwife every time resulting in differing and often conflicting advice being given each time. I attended all these alone which was rough because I was in no state of mind at that point (distressed as feeding not working as planned, baby had lost a lot of weight etc). I felt thr post natal appointments were rushed as they were trying to keep the number of people in the hospital to a minimum. For me that meant baby needs to gain weight = give him formula. That went against what I wanted to do but I was in no state of mind to challenge. This caused me all sorts of upset and still does.

I just delivered in November. My advice-be open to things not going how you ideally plan them in your head. I spiked I fever in labor (which is normal for me when my body is under stress) and baby inhaled meconium and had a difficult time oxygenating at first requiring a CPAP for a few hours. She was taken to NICU but my husband and I had to jump through hoops to see her. I had to test negative for COVID for him to be allowed in the NICU. I had to be fever free for 24 hours before I was allowed in the NICU and we weren’t allowed to see her at the same time due to a 1 visitor per child rule. I wasn’t able to visit her until she was 30 hours old. As long as you and baby are healthy and in good hands, that’s all that matters. And it’s definitely okay to cry-happy or sad tears! Best of luck to all the mommas due soon! Be strong!

It honestly wasn't as bad as I thought. I waited at home until I knew I was in established labor then went in. They tested me for covid right away and I got my results back in a few hours and it was negative. Felt better after that.. My labor was relatively quick and I just got the epidural to help me not feel so nervous. After the baby was born, the weirdest thing was probably just having to wear a mask around some, not all, nurses and in the hallways. We wanted to go home right away so we only stayed one night and left as soon as baby and I were in the clear to leave the next day

It was actually pretty amazing for me. Waited as long as I could when we were in lockdown, called ahead and asked director of midwives and director of pediatrics if I could leave asap. Discharged w/in 12 hrs. 2 pushes as wheeled into parient room. Not even hooked up to an iv. Prayers work and I truly believe anything is possible with God. I was super high risk given severe preeclampsia and hellp syndrome (hospitalized for 5 days) with previous and prayed and had 2 81 mg. Of baby aspirin every night ❤

I had my little girl in August my waters broke 3 weeks before due date so I spent a day and half on the pre natal ward followed by 4 days post natal due to jaundice. My advice would be expect the unexpected and make sure you pack enough snacks and something to keep you occupied. Am eye mask was a great help for me 💖 if you need help ask for it - lockdown has meant that we have missed out on the baby classes and clinics etc so please reap the help whilst in hospital! Good luck everyone xx

I gave birth in April during the first lockdown. I laboured mostly at home before going to the birth centre. When we arrived I was in active labour and 8cm so my partner was with me the whole time! I ended up being taken to hospital, still with my partner by my side and because we stayed in the delivery room my partner was able to stay with us! The only difference was that we wasn’t allowed visitors, but I’m so grateful for the time we got to spend, just us, as a family

I had my daughter back in April 2020 when 1st lock down started. I decided last minute for home birth - Monday and my daughter came on Friday the same week. It was a little scary because I had my 1st daughter at hospital so it was completely different experience this 2nd time but I felt safe being home and everything I needed was right there and in case I forgot to pack it or didn't think about packing it. You need to pack your bag anyway just in case you need to go hospital in emergency. I rang labour ward when my contractions started, they assessed me over the phone and sent midwife to check me. I was 5cm dilated to she went back to surgery and told me to call back when things progress with my contractions. I had to call back around 1hr later, she came again and stayed with us because I was progressing quickly. Once baby was coming and I was pushing she called for 2nd midwife to come to look after the baby and do all the checks whilst she was sorting me out after the birth.

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Wow this is amazing!! I’m just so scared if something goes wrong. Last time I tore 2nd degree and ended stitching in delivery ward. I’d given birth in attached waterbirth unit. I’d love to do it at home but if it happens again or worse I don’t want to have to be rushed in. Last time was not good. None of my aftercare birth plan was followed. I was hoping for a more relaxed non rushed time this time. I think I’d get this at home if only I could get past the “what if something goes wrong” thoughts. How did you get past all that? X

Thank you for sharing your home birth experience kasia, this is what I would like to do now as we have entered another lockdown. I'm due with my first in mid Feb and I'm so anxious about going near the hospital and potentially not having support from my partner. Did you have a water birth? If you don't mind me asking. 😊

I had my lil boy in the midst of the first lockdown. Back in may 2020. Very strange experience. But I had my husband with me throughout and for a few hours afterwards until he had to go home as in the hospital I went to they wernt allowing visitors or partners staying overnight with you. My midwife who looked after me as soon as I arrived made me feel at ease and acted like a friend to me more than a midwife. She stopped me worrying.Even though they had a lot going on they still made sure the care for you and your baby as there always! I spend the evening and the morning before I went home texting my husband and face timing him and my other kids so take a charger! My baby let me have a few hours sleep so all was good! Few hours after having my son I was giving a covid test which you get the results the next day so be prepared for that. Good luck to anyone due to give birth in these unprecedented times. Please dont worry. Your be well looked after. I have nothing but the upmost respect for the nhs xxx

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Thank you so much for sharing your experience. ❤️

Hoping none of you will have to go through this. But prepare for the possibility of few nights alone in the hospital. I spent two days with my baby post c-section which was a complete shock and then spent 5 days without my baby. It was difficult not having any visitors and the wards have a different atmosphere with staff wearing masks constantly. Staff are amazing and really do try to help as much as they can.. but finding yourself alone in a quiet ward ( only mums and babies ) can be quite scary so just prepare for that.. Take headphones, chargers, plenty of snacks, FaceTime family and friends whenever you can. And most importantly ask the staff around for help if you do need it whether that be with baby or yourself. Good luck and best wishes to all the mamas to be !

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Thank you so much for your wise words! ❤️

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