4 years ago

Age Gaps

There's a 7 yr age gap between my two littles. At first, she was not happy, then adjustment began and now she's a very good big sister. If you have kids with age gaps, how did they react/handle the change?
Age Gaps

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28 days ago

Mine are 20 months and nearly 6 weeks

1 month ago

Mine are 13 years apart big sis is very happy and helpful sometimes most times she will take her in her room and take pics with her and send to me

1 month ago

Almost 3 years between my girls, i think I'd prefer a 2 year gap but they love each other.

2 months ago

There's 9 years between mine, my eldest was not happy at first, but now they are inseparable.

2 months ago

Mine are 11, 7, and 9 months

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