1 year ago

Pregnancy update

Hi mama's Just another update in last year July - November I had a false pregnancy (I was not pregnant) then out of the blue I found out I really was pregnant end of November/early December. 🥳🎉 Well that was short lived as Sunday 3rd January I was in the worst pain lower right side. The pain was that bad my only thoughts was ectopic or appendix I went hospital and the Monday morning 9:20am I had a scan where they confirmed it was ectopic and by 12:30pm I was in Surgery. They removed the fetus and my right fallopian tube. I'm sad but grateful to be alive 💯🙏🏾 This is just to raise awareness and I'm here to talk if your going through the same 🙏🏾💯❤️🥂
Pregnancy update

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5 days ago

I feel for you, I also experienced unexpected etopic pregnancy while at work. Takes a lot of healing, stay strong 🙏 💕

1 month ago

Soo sorry about this love… if u ever want to talk🥰

1 month ago

Im so sorry this happened to you 🥰❤️you are a strong women. I have a friend who went through etopic pregnancy and almost died. Only thing is she didn’t get her tubes removed but if she gets pregnant again due to having pcos and the possibility of etopic happening it’s posible. She’s been very strong herself and not giving up hope on having her rainbow baby. I will continue praying for the both of you. Sending you positivity and love ❤️🥰 Keep your head up Queen 👑 It’s brave women like you raising awareness about situations like this that make the world a better place xx

1 month ago

Thank you for sharing this. I went through this back in May 2021. Didn’t know I was pregnant. That morning on Mother’s Day I was driving to my mothers house to bring her flowers and cake with my sister. Someone hit me and pushed me off the road. End up on the sidewalk almost crashing through a store. I went without a Scratch but light body pain. That night I could sleep. Monday morning pain got so bad I had to go to the hospital. They asked me if I was pregnant I said impossible I’m on a pill. Blood works come out positive. They scanned me and couldn’t find the fetus. Send me again for a scan they found it and it was on my left tube. Went into surgery few hours later. They removed the fetus and my tube. I was so devastated because all I could ask was WHY ME? WOULD I EVER GET PREGNANT AGAIN? today as I write this, I’m holding my almost 2 months old daughter and I’m so grateful to be here. This to say. Your rainbow baby is on the way. Sending you love ❤️

5 months ago

I had a ectopic pregnancy in 2014 Oct 21st and it broke me but I've had my 2nd child since then and I'm pregnant now don't give up hope sweetpea I had same as you my right fellopen tube gone and I have pcos xxx

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