Is this the baby orrrr?

Okay, I’m so confused lol😂 every single morning for the past two weeks, I’ve woken up with a hard protrusion. It never fails. It started at 14 weeks, and I’m now 16 weeks 2 days. The bump has gradually gotten larger. The moment I use the restroom, it’s gone. So I know my bladder is pushing something up, but is this my uterus/baby it’s pushing up orrrr what could it be? I haven’t asked my OB yet because I don’t see her for another 2 weeks! It’s so fascinating to me, but I just want to know what it is! Does this happen to anyone else? My baby is positioned on the lower right side, which convinces me that it’s him, but I’m not sure! I haven’t been able to feel him yet which makes it harder lol
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I think its him, because I have women up I did have the same thing happen. It's due to needing to pee, but it can also be from laying on your back since your flat on the bed. You can also make baby pop like this if you are sitting on the couch or on the side of your bed and use your elbows to push yourself up the baby will show kind of like this. It freaked my mom out a little bit, because I showed her lol. She's not used to sponsor else in the family that's pregnant beside herself, because it's been a minute.

I contacted my OB she confirmed it’s Braxton Hicks! She says it happens when you have a full bladder, and it’s completely normal! She says they start as early as 6 weeks, but can become noticeable around the second trimester! I have it again right now, but it’s much bigger than it used to be! Which I’m assuming it’s because my uterus is growing!

Make sure your not sleeping on your back too much, it will eventually be comfortable anyways

I had the same u could see the shape of the baby when I was laying down from around 13 weeks, a little lump at the bottom of my belly. Wouldn’t worry at all it’s just baby! Xx

Happened to me. I had a majorly lumpy belly. Maybe it's because I'm small (it seemed like you could see every little detail of baby's body through my skin). 😂

Is it always in the same place? Can you push it back? Could be an umbilical hernia 🤔

I never had this happen. If I did, I would definitely call my dr and mention it


Was guna say baby’s bum but your not that far yet ahah x

It’s your baby’s head pushing on your belly my baby did it loads x

Lol my baby did this, it was her head 🥰

If in doubt, ring triage between consultations and scans

It could be or could be an ovarian cyst they are very common and they should see it on the scan. The baby normally squishes it

When I used to lie down like that later on in my pregnancy I could see the whole outline of my babies. It was amazing, I could see them moving and turning and pushing feet and hands!

It’s your baby haha!

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Looks like Braxton hicks! They tend to soften as soon as you’ve emptied your bladder.

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It says that Braxton Hicks are more like contractions and last 30 seconds to 2 minutes, but that bump will stay super hard until I empty my bladder (could last an hour if I don’t get up). It’s completely painless, just feels like a giant lump!

Well guys, now that I googled more and typed “odd shaped belly in the morning” a million women have posted pictures identical to mine at around the same weeks of pregnancy and confirmed its Braxton Hicks. So strange!! I always thought that came around 30ish weeks and was super painful 😂

Could be Braxton Hicks? My belly goes slightly wonky when I have a contraction and then eases off after a minute or so

This happens to me too!!! I’m almost 14 weeks and I was convinced it was a Braxton Hicks because my uterus feels tight/hard during these episodes. And same thing- only when I’m lying down or especially when I turn over in bed

My baby did this lol

Hello !!🙂 the same thing happens to me every morning ! And throughout the day if i lay down .

I was told my placenta is on my right by the sonagrapher and thats where I feel and see baby most. So I have the same lump on the same side. But I haven’t checked if using the washroom makes baby move somewhere else. I usually just rub on the lump if too uncomfortable.

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