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  • Thornton, United States
  • a year ago

What stories are you telling?

I was listening to a training call last night, like i do on most Monday nights....and the speaker was talking all about the “stories” we tell ourselves. . We all do it...and it really got me thinking, you know....It’s funny the stories we tell ourselves.....about WHO we are and WHO we will become. . The truth is, sometimes....a lot of times.....we don’t even realize the stories are there!!! . How crazy is that!! . And don’t worry you have a story too! You KNOW you are telling a story about yourself when there is a area where you think....”can’t”. . I’ve decided that one thing I’m super grateful for.....and the most amazing thing about this life....is we get to change our story ANYTIME WE WANT. We are the ones who decide. We are in control of that story. So my question for you today friend is.... . What stories do you need to START telling yourself today?! . I am capable I am smart I am enough. 💕.
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  • 3 months ago

Love it! X

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This sounds like Landmark;is this Landmark Forum?

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  • a year ago

Yesss stories we tell ourselves to survive, I first read about this concept in a book by Joan Didion. It’s so important to make those “I AM” statements, not “I will be” or “I should be”. You have to stay present and alert of where you are right now and love where you are right now!

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  • a year ago

Im a good mom Stop crying Pick yourself up and dust yourself off

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  • Sacramento, United States
  • a year ago

I love this post!!!! It’s something I’m working on.... it’s not easy but it’s worth investing in yourself and changing your internal dialogue & making a positive impact on yourself and others. Especially now that I have a baby girl. I don’t want her to beat herself up the way I am so overly critical about myself. Anyway. Kudos to you mama and thank you for posting this! Wish I could like it more than once lol

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