1 year ago

Has anyone else opted out of exams?

Hey gals! Now I know internal vagina exams are usually a good indicator to tell how dilated you are, however they’re not mandatory. I’m choosing to opt out of any internal exams as it gives me extreme anxiety and I can’t handle the thought of someone putting their hand inside me! Has anyone else opted out of them? Did it affect your birthing process? Picture of my bump at 33 weeks for attention 🤗
Has anyone else opted out of exams?

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3 months ago

https://pregnurse.com/refuse-cervical-checks/ Read the whole thing. Has good info. I feel better after reading it.

3 months ago

Think that ruined my labour 😕

5 months ago

How else do they work out how many cms dialated you are?

5 months ago

You definitely can deny anything! There’s women who choose to literally give birth alone at home or in a tub. You gotta do what’s best for you! My last two births i had both a hospital midwife and a birth center midwife start putting there hands up there without warning. Don’t be afraid to use your voice!

5 months ago

No cervix checks with either kid, did my own GBS swab with my first (opted out for the second since he was a planned C-section), never stepped on a scale in the Dr office, didn’t drink the disgusting sugar juice for the GD tests. I think a generation before us just thought whatever the doctor says MUST be what’s best for everyone always no questions. But that’s not the case and just being pregnant doesn’t mean you give up all of your bodily autonomy. You don’t want someone checking your cervix, then no one is going to check your cervix!

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