1 year ago

Has anyone tried placenta capsules?

Who has/is going to have their placenta encapsulated? I’ve just received my kit from Placenta Plus and I honestly can’t wait to try it out and experience the benefits. Has anyone else used this company? How did it affect your postpartum recovery?
Has anyone tried placenta capsules?

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28 days ago

I didn’t use this company I used another that came to your house and I got to watch the whole process it was super interesting and it was amazing postpartum I wish I did it for my ther two pregnancies. I still have a tonic mixture to I can drop in water on hard days. Can’t wait for you to experience it! Good luck mama!

1 month ago

I did it for my second kid thought I was amazing I guess there’s no scientific evidence for it however I had postpartum depression with my first one I didn’t like my second one I bounce back a lot faster with my second one all the things that it claims to do it did for me but of course that’s just my opinion the way that I look at it is it can’t hurt 

1 month ago

I used Placenta Plus with my 1st 4 years ago. However... I had hyperemesis with her and was so poorly (organs almost failed poorly) so I thought it would work wonders for me and help the recovery. Started taking the pills and had everything I had during my pregnancy. I think If I'd have had a normal pregnancy it would have been the complete opposite and I would have had all the benefits suggested. Sadly alot of money wasted. My 2nd I didn't even attempt to order again just from the fear, complete different pregnancy this time so wish I did!!! Xx

2 months ago

Can you get that done at the hospital if you only have an OB and a doula ?

2 months ago

I did it for my 1st child 10 years ago, o just followed instructions online. I believe it helped! I was going to to do for my second, froze the placenta but didn’t get round to it within the 6 months. This time round I didn’t do it but wish I did in a way!

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