Hi! I'm finding a lot of my bubs friends are changing at this age. (15 months) my boy is not walking yet but is close, still on 2 naps. 8 teeth. What are your babes up to?
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I felt the same. Everyone else had babies that were walking for ages and mine didn’t. She just started walking and all of a sudden in 2 weeks from her first step, she can walk long distances, walk with shoes on, almost run and all with excellent balance. At the same time her vocabulary just exploded. I felt silly for worrying so much, so just know it’s ok! She has 8 teeth as well and has been on 1 nap since 12 months. She has always been a good night time sleeper though so I think that’s why she has always been early dropping naps.

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I'm not too phased about the walking, it will happen soon. All his baby friends are on 1 nap though and his awake time is their nap time lol so it sucks for catch ups at the moment. Don't think he's ready to go to 1 at all! Sleepy boy 😜

My girl has been walking since 13.5 months. She got her first tooth at 10 months and now has 9 teeth (4 top, 2 bottom, 3 molars) still isn’t talking though. Knows how to say mum, nan, ta.. but just chooses not to 😂 I was upset thinking she was behind in her milestones as she didn’t crawl until she was 10.5 months and my friends babies were crawling at 5-6 months.. but every baby is different and they are all perfect in their own little ways xx

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Every babe is so different, its crazy! I feel babes around the same age are a good guide but nothing is certain! My boy is actually refusing to practice walk with me now, fml!

Hi Elle, My son is 16 months and he isn’t walking yet taking short steps so hopefully he will get there soon. He is down to one nap and usually sleeps for 3hrs during the day but then won’t go to sleep Until bed time which I try and do that at around 8-.830 but some days are harder then others. His got a few teeth and two molars (to scared to check actually as he just wants to bite and they hurt) haha 😂

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It's so tricky to check the teeth now isn't it, lol. My boy bites all the time in general so don't like to subject myself to more lol

Oh yes, it’s way to hard I just say he has lots. Haha 😂 I try and count when he opens his mouth but that’s also hard to do. Haha

My girl 15 months only has 6 teeth she got her first at 9 months old she started walking perfect at 9 months but just started steps at 8 months she still has 2 nap 1 is 2 hours and 2nd nap 1 hour

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Walking since 9 months wow, hectic times! Good to hear someone else is still on 2 naps. My social life has taken a hit with all his baby friends on 1!

Yeah so imagine how hetic my life has been the last 6 months haha but yes seriously nap times are my saviour hahaha xx Don't worrie mumma me too it's like friends just don't Exist but if you ever want someone to go for a coffee with or to go for a walk with your always more than welcome to message me

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Always on the run I imagine! I'm in nsw but thanks!

My daughter sat unassisted really early but then didn't roll over for ever. I was so stressed about milestones that I took her to her GP about it and we were in the process of finding a physiotherapist but then one day before the appointment she just did it all on her own. Then the day before she turned 10 months she just decided to crawl... and then the next day (literally) she stood up and walked! And I've been chasing around after her ever since lol. She has 8 teeth and has been down to one nap since about 12 months and has been sleeping through the night from 9 months. Don't stress about this stuff! They really just do things when they feel like it haha

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Crawling to walking in a day wow! Yes it's all individual, just hoping he makes the leap to walking before his 18mnth appt.

Yeah it was a shock to say the least. Oh wow I forgot, 18 months appointments are coming up soon! We haven't had one in person for soooo long because of covid. I'm sure he'll be up and running in no time but I wholeheartedly mean it when I say enjoy life without a little maniac who demands to walk no matter how slow or how many stops for leaves and specs of dirt. Oh and not to mention the inevitable tumbles and tears that make you feel like a flop of a mother than can't even keep their child safe

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Awww!! Yes I've been enjoying but I think they will want to intervene with physio if hes not walking at 18m. A physio appt would be the thing to get him moving though it seems!

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