• L
  • about 9 hours ago

When did y’all start feeling kicks? I am 15w1d and I can’t really feel anything, but on ultrasounds and scans he is moving a lot!

  • p
  • about 9 hours ago

I don't feel no kick i am only 20 weeks

  • K
  • about 14 hours ago

I only started feeling movement around 19 weeks

  • L
  • about 18 hours ago

I felt kicks like at 30 weeks. The rest of the time it was fluttering.

  • C
  • 1 day ago

Around 20 weeks I think I could actually feel him consistently.

  • A
  • 5 days ago

I’ve felt flutters since 15 + 6. Baby boy is now 20 + 3 and moving like crazy!!! Don’t worry though, every baby is different and a lot of women don’t feel flutters until they’re 20 weeks or more! ❤️

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