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  • Fort Collins, United States
  • a year ago

Let’s brag a little!

I think we need a post to brag on our SO’s!! What does your spouse do, big or small that means the most to you???
  • B
  • Godfrey, United States
  • a year ago

He’s done so much for me especially since becoming pregnant. He cleaned the cat litter box, cooks me meals, massages my shoulders and rubs my tummy, lets me nap when I need to lol. I love him.

  • F
  • Yorkville, United States
  • a year ago

My fiancé and I only see each other on the weekends so every weekend he clears his schedule and spends it with me. No matter how horomonal or stressed I am he’s always so kind and sweet and cuddly and just helps me through it.

  • N
  • West Covina, United States
  • a year ago

He does most of the chores around the house so that I can bond with the baby all day. I usually make dinner, but he gets up a little earlier to make me coffee and a bagel because our LO gets me up early

  • H
  • a year ago

I was able to go on maternity leave 2 months early because we figured out finances and saved up. He pays for most of our bills and I haven't even had the baby yet. I worked at a toxic workplace and my doctor advised I go on stress leave. I didnt want to, so my husband said we will find a way to make it work if you go on mat leave now. I feel very lucky.

  • D
  • Miami, United States
  • a year ago

He is my biggest support system as I am dealing with post partum depression. I can’t put into words how he has helped me cope with it. Aside from working two jobs part time full time and sometimes overtime while still having time to sing to and tuck in our daughter. Greatest man alive in my eyes. ❤️

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