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Hi everyone, I have 6.5 month old twins who are currently weaning! I have introduced pureed foods to start with but really wanting to move onto some finger foods / more baby led weaning rather than blended foods or jars! How do i manage the risk of choking? What kinds of foods do people offer? How do i transition from blended to finger foods? They have tried the melty puffs and do great with them, have also tried banana in one of them little mesh bag things 🤷‍♀️ Sorry for all the questions im really nervous about them choking 😩
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Have a look at the resources goggle Oxleas parent online starting solids there is also a how to deal with chocking video. The gag reflex works to stop chocking can they both sit up unaided?

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Yes they can both sit confidently and i am first aid trained, im just freaking out abit i think!

@infant.nutritionist on Instagram is great!

When I weaned my two I gradually made their food more lumpy so they got use to chewing and made sure it was soft enough to eat. I also cut up food, which they can chew, into bite size pieces. The more teeth that they got the More variety was introduced.

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