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  • North Richland Hills, United States
  • a year ago

From breast to bottle 🤷🏽‍♀️

Okay breastfeeding Mamas! I need tips and help with transitioning my newborn from breast to bottle. I return to work December 3rd and will be pumping so my baby has milk during the day. I am wondering if I should try to wean her off the breast now or just wait until the time comes when she has no choice but to take the bottle. I’ve already started storing some milk to prep but I feel like I may be overthinking. Just want my sweet girl to have what she needs.
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  • Erlanger, United States
  • 9 months ago

Try introducing bottle at night. I find it helps my baby sleep longer. Playtex nurser bottles with drop ins are a life saver the slow flow nipple replicates the flow of milk from your breast and you can push all of the air out of the bottle to combat gas. My little one takes breast and bottle when I use these so no need to wean unless you don't want to breastfeed at home

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All of my babies preferred different bottles, so it was trial and error to find one they liked. I go back to work 11/26 so we are trying a bottle now and then with my newest little. With the others, they adamantly refused bottles when I was around. I breastfed both of them for over a year, they only took bottles when I was at work, so that was when I'd pump.

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I strictly breast feed for 4 months and when I went back to college my baby would hunger strike the whole time I was gone (5hrs twice a week). She never learned and we breastfed for 2 years (working 20 hrs a week). I had to force wean her to a sippy cup.

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I started practicing 1 month out. Nuk and Medela were the brands that I used. Try in the morning when they are hungriest

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I used the Avent bottles for my little earthling. I had his daddy try the bottle once a day for a week and eventually he got the hang of it. We did it at night after he had already nursed so he was grumpy or hungry but instead just to get the feel of it. I would recommend if you are planning to still nurse, not doing the bottle yourself because I feared they would become confused since you are also the boob, if that makes sense!!! It does take time and it took us three different nipple styles to find the one he liked!

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