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Weeknight dinners, need ideas

I’m stressing about returning to work from maternity leave. Evenings are going to be crazy. I have a 45 minute commute and won’t get home until almost 6pm, and bedtime routine for my 4 year old and a 3 month old starts at 7:15. Any advice for meal planning and dinners? Recipes to share? Should I get an Instant Pot? I grocery shop every Sunday based on the meals I plan one week at a time, but I need a plan for meals that can be ready easier/faster. My husband will get home with the kids around 5 and can start something or preheat the oven, but he’ll have his hands full until I get home. Thanks for your advice, moms!
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Instant pots are great! I also find it easiest to make a large batch of chicken and dumplings or lasagna or something like that that will last a while. Much easier than cooking a different dinner every day

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Meal prep for the week so everyone can just reheat and eat , look at Ree Drummond freezer dishes on food network.com , prep some stuff the night before for the next nights dinner if not meal prepping, make enough of 1 dish for another meal that week , do that with multiple dishes.

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Usually we go grocery shopping Sundays and I start prepping meals for the week. https://www.yummytoddlerfood.com/recipe-index/ This online website has a lot of recipes you can prepare ahead of time and freeze or put in the fridge. They have from baby purees (for when your baby is old enough ) to toddler foods.Let me know how it goes!

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I like to marinate my chicken in zip lock bags. A go to is lemons and oranges salt and pepper. Have your husband preheat the oven and line the glass Pyrex with foil (for easy clean up) bake in the oven depending if it’s bone in or out (google knows) My kids really like when I marinate the chicken in Bobs Big Boy ranch or the blue cheese dressing and cover it in panko or bead crumbs and stick that in the oven with Brussel sprouts (they soak up the flavor) I do a lot of crockpot cooking too. I cook big batches of spaghetti sauce and freeze it in zip lock bags and use as needed too.

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Instant pots are seriously amazing. Especially when you still have a small babe and more than one kid! There are so many recipes online that are quick and nutritious with only a few ingredients. Your husband probably would be able to toss something in when he gets home (stick baby in a chest carrier and have older kid help get out ingredients) and it would be ready by the time you get home.

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