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Hey mums! New to the group. I was curious on how your little ones talking/speech is going? I feel like we are way behind in that milestone. Aurora can say “mummum, ta, Nanan” and just overall babbles but nothing else. She understands yes and no but chooses not to say them.
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All just babble over here!

I feel like my son is behind as well. Is there any way to see what guidelines or any way to help encourage talking other than talking to them?

Hi I am new here as well! 👋🏻 My son is only saying the basic things and lots of pointing and babbles too. Also my son isn’t quite walking yet and he is 16 months now. 🤦🏽‍♀️

My girl says mumma ,bubba, ta,nigh night, nope , yep, teta(grandmother in Arabic, what's that ,what's this ,hi ,baby ,Boobie , nana( banana) She also understands but doesn't say Close the door also if you say it in Arabic , give kiss , go bye,get monkey ,get shoes (sorry she can also say shoe), blow kiss ,wave birdy (she also says it) and few other things can't think off my head .... but please mumma never compare your baby it doesn't matter if he or she says 5 words or 20 as long as they are saying something and understands you then when they are ready they will get there just enjoy the babbles bubs will be talking before you know it and you'll miss them babbles

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She is 15 months

Hi guys! My little girl is a full on chatterbox lol. She probably is at about 40-50 words that she can say well and can be understood by anyone (not just me lol) and is starting to put together 2 or 3 word sentences like "mama juice please" or "I sit" or "who's that?". She can more or less understand everything we say to her and can follow longer directions like "can you go and grab BlaBla (her stuffed monkey) and take him to Dada". She counts up to 3 which she's super pumped about because she counts everything now. She's super bossy and sometimes I catch her force feeding her toys or taking them around the room and telling them to "sit" or "sleep" and then closes her eyes and makes snoring noises haha. She says no if she doesn't want or like something... the sass is REAL. She's also been walking from 10 months but didn't crawl at all until the day before she start walking and didn't roll over until literally just before she crawled

I am also new here. Just joined today. My baby was a premie and from October 2019. She can sometimes say momma, baba, papa but only babbles herself. She has't started walking yet and she hasn't started putting food into her mouth which is so frustrating 😔

Hi Mumma's,am new to this group. I have a 17th Old boy, he started walking from last two months only,not started talking yet but babbles. He is having a speech delay, so I'm taking him to lot of play groups .Hopefully it helps to start taking soon and show some progress with his activities as well.

Hey Dani, Also new to the group, my girl is very much the same. Only two words she will say is dada and ta. She knows mum but won’t say it. Doesnt babble much either. I’m guessing she’s just taking her time. Having said this she understands what we are saying though. Xx

My daughter is 18m now and she doesn't talk much at all. Sometimes she will say bye-bye, hi, dad-but we don't know if it is in reference to her dad or just a work she knows. She understands a few things and babbles soo soo much, but that's it. I'm not too concerned. I will wait until she is 2 before I start freaking out. Albert Einstein didn't start talking until he was 4/5. So what that tells us, is that we are raising geniuses and to start looking at schools for the 'gifted' 🤣

My girl is saying heaps of words and forming two word sentences. She does have an older brother who is constantly talking so she is exposed to lots of words and language etc

Hey, I’m new hear as well. 😊 I have been worried about my little boy as well and his speech. When I ask him to say things he sometimes tries and makes a sound and other time he just points and say ‘eh’ lol. Lots of babbling though. I’m calling it lazy boy syndrome haha but from what his daycare ladies say as long as he understands and seems to be attempting some words occasionally they will get there. 😊 I have just had them move my boy up to the toddlers room at daycare so he is around older kids and I think he is starting to learn more for sure. It is so hard not to stress hey. Give her some tome and if your really worried the child health nurse may be able to help. 😊

My 20-month old daughter only knew a few words like "Dad", "Mum" and "Nan" for pretty much a whole year, then had a big development of lots of words but mainly within the last few months. So don't worry too much as it will probably come all at once! She still can't say 2-word phrases or 3-word phrases except "Oh no" and "Pop Pop" but we aren't too worried as she is still learning

My 21mo premie babbles incessantly, and patters it with three word sentences, his favourite is “I did that” he even catches us off guard by adding his two cents to a conversation at the right time in the right context 😳🤨🤔🤦‍♀️. All kids develop at their own pace enjoy the ride and just encourage him to use his words as much as possible.

Every child is different. In my parents group there are kids who can only say a few words and there are kids who form sentences already with 4 words. All born September/October 2019.

I worried that my daughter wasn’t talking much, just pointing and grunting. She’s moved on to babbling now and I know it all makes sense to her. There’s a fair number of words there and she’ll ask for what she wants now (most of the time). She just needed a little more time to figure it out. Don’t underestimate the effect children have on each other. My daughter went from crawling to walking in two weeks, by watching the older kids at daycare.

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