1 year ago

What made YOU go into labor?

Week 39 and hoping for my VBAC. 3 days until membrane sweep but that is IF I am dialated 1cm. I am walking 1-2 miles a day, bouncing on my yoga ball, and drinking raspberry leaf tea. I am afraid to drink castor oil. Any other suggestions?
What made YOU go into labor?

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4 days ago

So I was dilated to a 5 for a month and needed him OUT! I watched “activating labor” and within 24 hours I gave birth and had him in my arms! Labor was awesome too! 5 mins of pushing

4 days ago

@Fatma lucky you. That did not work for me. I definitely tried it

5 days ago

I had a whole pineapple and the next day had bits of my mucus plug out. The following day I gave birth.

8 days ago

With my son - acupuncture With my daughter - raking the leaves in the yard lol

15 days ago

Castor oil worked for me. I had to take it 2x though. But the first one started the contractions which stopped after a while so I took it the following day which broke my waters

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