1 year ago

Birth without a support person

Has anyone ever given birth without anyone they know in the room and intentionally chosen this? I can have one support person in the room, and that would be my partner. However, I want him to be with my two year old because he is well attached to us and I want to know he is the most comfortable. This will make me feel my best as my mind will be on him. Anyone ever give birth alone? I have relied on myself alot throughout my life, and view myself as a very independent person.
Birth without a support person

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1 month ago

It was me, an RN, and a doctor trying to deliver 3 babies at once. I took a 10mg valium and a local for the episiotomy.

1 month ago

I’m gonna be completely honest with you, I had my husband and 2 additional support people and I coulda done without them all. My husband was amazing, but he was also unknowingly being pretty counterproductive, my doula wasn’t as much help as I thought, and my stepmom just took random videos. I think you would rock doing it on your own. I think you will be able to surprise yourself with more strength than you would have if you do have a support person In there.

1 month ago

My last birth I did not have anyone with me since my husband had to stay home and take care of our 4 and 2 year old and honestly I was not upset at all time away from my other two and some nice relax time only down fall is that my husband and daughters did not get to see their son or baby brother until I left the hospital due to covid

2 months ago

I chose to have no one with me I knew. Just the midwives. Personally I found it much more relaxing on my own, no one to annoy me, and I could just have me time. X

2 months ago

I didn’t have anyone in the room ( ambulance) and I am still upset about it today. My son had a lot of problems at birth and was in hospital during Covid for a month where we couldn’t have visitors

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