1 year ago

This is the reality of motherhood. . .šŸ’œ

This is what the reality of motherhood looks like. . . Clothes I wore yesterday cause I was too tired to change, throw up on my shirt, finally washed my hair after a week of it not being cleaned, hair not brushed, trying to go through and get rid of old stuff, but in the middle of that she cries and I stop what I'm doing to grab her feed her and then rock my babygirl to sleep and stare at how beautiful her little tiny face is and she makes me forget that my tummy isn't flat like it was before her and its all covered in stretch marks she make me forget my back hurts because I got the epidural to help ease my pain from spending 48 hrs in labor waiting for her arrival she makes me forget that my hips kill me because I went from 4'11 and barely 120 to 172 by the day I had her and now I'm 154 she makes me forget I barely sleep because she's been teething for 2 months straight she makes me forget anything that makes me sad when I see her face when I see her smile everything around us blurrs out and its her and I against the world and nothing matters but her This is motherhood. . . All the mess and crazy but just completely complete ā¤ This is motherhood. . . I'm completely here for it all, the ups the downs the wild the crazy the sleepless nights then up all the next day and doing it all over again This is motherhood. . . And im in love with it šŸ’• This is the reality of motherhood. . .
This is the reality of motherhood. . .šŸ’œ

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24 days ago

Omg this touch my heart so much Iā€™m 27 weeks and reading this made me say this is all worth all the pain and things I am going through Thank you for those encouraging words and that simple reminder that there will highs and lows but when those moments come up stop and take a moment and look at your little blessing from heaven your baby!

1 month ago

My baby was born 47 yrs ago today! My great granddaughter is being born... today. I hope!

1 month ago


1 month ago

It's been 36 years since I had my children. But that describes motherhood. It is so beautiful even among all that goes on. Enjoy because they grow up way to fast

2 months ago


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