4 years ago

C-Section or Vaginal Birth?

Here I am.. pregnant with my first baby.. supposed to be filling out my birth plan to discuss with my doctor in the next week BUT I am stuck between whether or not I should schedule a C-section to avoid strenuous labor hours or endure the emotional marathon of vaginal birth with my family in the same room? I have been told several times that a C-section is without a doubt the safest way to deliver a baby, considering its a more controlled environment.. but I really wanted to have that instant moment of skin to skin with a vaginal birth! Wondering if any other Mama has any experience with this same dilemma..
C-Section or Vaginal Birth?

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1 month ago

Vaginal! In my opinion providers are all too happy to promote c-sections as some routine procedure, easier birth method, safer etc when it is far from those things! C-sections are MAJOR surgery with MAJOR risks. Vaginal birthing is the gold standard and should be the promoted way to birth your baby unless there are serious medical concerns. North American doctors are all too glad to cut into you and sell you on a massive surgery because it’s faster and easier for THEM not for you. I was induced due to being past due by 9 days and my water partially ruptured and even with induction I told my team unless it was literally life or death I was birthing my child on my own period. C-sections are an amazing tool when used in an emergency as they’re meant to save lives but they should not be a routine OB procedure. I tore during birth but I headed so quickly because it was natural tearing not a large surgical incision. Personally I feel terrified by the rate at which c-sections are done!

1 month ago

I had vaginal birth got induced because my son was small he wasn't premature tho he was 5 pounds 10 ounces I think if he was like 7 pounds or more it woulda been more painful pushing him out I only felt that after math of the epidermal recovery was crazy for me my back felt literally broken

2 months ago

Who told you csection is safest? That's misinformation. I assume you are based in the US as its a jigh csection rate country? Vaginal birth is naturally recommended first and csection only if at risk of complications, are you at risk? My first was a emergency csection, it was hard and a long painful recovery. My second was vaginal and much less painful and enjoyable experience. You can have skin to skin with c section but not for long because u need to be stitched up etc, it's major surgery and comes with risks too. Also why does your family need to be in the room? It's your birth, you do what uou feel is best with the information you are provided. I'd suggest talking to your midwife about options and having an empowering and positive birth experience. Vaginal births are controlled and safe most of the time

2 months ago

I had a section with my 1st and vaginal with my 2nd. I would choose the vaginal any day. However you do need a lot of support for a vaginal birth especially if you have a low pain threshold. A lot of the coping can be mental and thinking stuff like how one contraction is a way of progressing things. There are options like epidural if you feel you can’t cope. I never have birth without epidural and personally would try not to.

2 months ago

I had to schedule a C-section because she was breech, but hands down would do another C-section in a second. For me, it was an easy recovery, I’m a big girl and my scar is under a tummy flap, so it didn’t move much or get bumped much and healed so quick. I was up and showering less than 12 hours after my C-section. I didn’t even really use any pain meds afterwards either. I think mine went so well in part to my body shape. But that is something to consider….your scar and the healing process and if it’ll get bumped or irritated at all

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