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  • 21 days ago

C-Section or Vaginal Birth?

Here I am.. pregnant with my first baby.. supposed to be filling out my birth plan to discuss with my doctor in the next week BUT I am stuck between whether or not I should schedule a C-section to avoid strenuous labor hours or endure the emotional marathon of vaginal birth with my family in the same room? I have been told several times that a C-section is without a doubt the safest way to deliver a baby, considering its a more controlled environment.. but I really wanted to have that instant moment of skin to skin with a vaginal birth! Wondering if any other Mama has any experience with this same dilemma..
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  • SJAFB, United States
  • 8 hours ago

I agree with all these mama’s. Vaginal birth is way better. I’m not sure why c-sections are being pushed so much these days. Your body is made to deliver a baby, and the labor and pain is worth it, every second of it. There’s no easy route in motherhood and there’s no easy route to delivery. My heart goes out to mama’s who had to had a c-section but wanted to deliver vaginally. And it’s easier for your body to bounce back if you deliver vaginally. I believe that the only pro to c-sections is skipping the labor and delivery pain, but I think there are many more cons. I got an epidural and that took all the pain away for a few hours and even when the contractions came back when it was almost time to push, the pain was more like pressure and it was concentrated in my pelvis and not all up my back anymore. But TO EACH THERE OWN!!! That’s just my opinion.

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  • 2 days ago

My first was all natural vaginal delivery no complications and it was a fast delivery! With my second that was born 2 weeks ago my birth plan was vaginal delivery hoping it’d go faster then my first. We found out she was breech at 38 weeks so they scheduled me for Csection (I was upset and scared I had to have one ) 2 weeks after I am so happy I got one even tho it wasn’t my plan, she is happy and healthy and we are both doing good. When the dr took her out they wiped her off and put her on my chest right away for a few mins before taking her to clean up and get weighed! I was also worried about not having the skin to skin like I did with my first but they did it for me. She also started BF once the brought back from being weighed had her on me for 5 mins and then my hubby went to recovery with her!

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Avoid c section at all costs. The recovery SUCKS. Especially if you don’t have help. I had to sleep in my electric recliner for two weeks cuz I physically couldn’t get into bed. And vaginal birth is so much better for the baby too.

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  • 4 days ago

I’ve had both and both sucked. The pros of having vaginal is that the recovery is faster and you do get that instant skin to skin which makes it an amazing moment. But with the csection you get drugs, which makes recovery bearable. With my vaginal birth they told me to take ibuprofen and didn’t prescribe anything and I thought that was horrible. Either way, you get through it. If I had to choose though, would go vagina because the experience of pushing a baby out felt more empowering to me.

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If you have to (because of medical reasons) or really want to have a c-section (despite the healing time), fair enough - but be aware there are potential health benefits to your baby from vaginal birth, due to exposure to the natural flora (bacteria etc) of your vagina.

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I’m happy for you Daisha :) I don’t know much yet, but I understand for many women, healing is slow and it’s frustrating when you’re not supposed to lift things

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  • 7 days ago

Man I loved my c section !!! It was so easy for me. I literally was up and doing a light round of shopping 3 days after I got home. The recovery was very easy for me and I am soo happy with it! I wouldn’t trade it for a V- delivery!

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