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  • 20 days ago


Successful breast feeding journey with first, want to combi feed the second.. more to eleviate some pressure off my self because I'll have a toddler this time round, and I would like to think it'd be less stressful 🤣 but where do you start??? How do you know how much to give them and when? Any tips would be grateful X
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  • Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • 14 days ago

I think you’ll be surprised how easy it is to nurse with a toddler around. Plus you are giving your toddler an invaluable lesson on how babies grow and feed, and teaching how our bodies work, it’s the most wonderful thing you can do ❤️ if you find it difficult down the road then consider combi feeding but I beg you not to start off that way :) x (mother of two, had to combi feed my first for first 8 weeks then EBF. EBF my second.) good luck!

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  • 15 days ago

Do what you want/feel you need. Only you know. Fed is fed. Don't make decisions based on fear or sense of obligation. I excl. Bf my second and it was effing hard to get through the first six weeks but i did it with formula to gain (forced in the end...she wasnt gaining). Milk came i. With supplements and domperodone. I think if i had to do it over i wd still do it but with more kindness to myself.

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  • 16 days ago

I had planned to exclusively breast feed but it was sooo hard at night with him constantly wanting to feed! So at 4 weeks we went to combi feeding. I give him breast from when he wakes, normally about 7/8 am, til 10pm at night and at 10pm my partner gives him a bottle and then give him a bottle at around 1 and then again around 4! This works so much better for us!

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  • 18 days ago

I strictly breastfed my son until he was 3 months then I started to como feed and I just breastfeed when I have I can and formula feed when I am busy or can’t Breast-feed right away. I mainly breastfeeding at night. It is working well for me. He is now 6 months old. I also have a toddler.

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Pumped for 14 months. My daughter was a preemie (3 week NICU stay) and also had a cleft soft palate, so no suction for the first year. I'm proud of my journey, but I also won't ever shame any mom over how they feed. Not my kid, not my body.

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