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Successful breast feeding journey with first, want to combi feed the second.. more to eleviate some pressure off my self because I'll have a toddler this time round, and I would like to think it'd be less stressful 🤣 but where do you start??? How do you know how much to give them and when? Any tips would be grateful X
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As long as your baby is fed and loved, you do what is best for you and your situation! For me, I planned to breastfeed thru my entire pregnancy and purchased all the fancy breastfeeding thingamabobs and doodads available. I was so gung-ho about the idea of feeding my baby with my own body... Low and behold, I went into premature labor at 34 weeks, because I had my baby early my placenta wouldn't detach. It was stuck in place and had to be manually detached by the obgyn. Unfortunately, even though she was an incredible doctor... She didn't get all of the placenta out of me. This caused a condition called retained placenta, your body still thinks it's pregnant and doesn't produce prolactin. Because of this I never produced milk, and much to my disappointment I had to formula feed. Eventually I realized as long as my baby is happy and healthy, WHAT they eat isn't important. The fact that their fed, warm, safe and loved is what is most important! So do whatever you feel is best for you and baby, no guilt or shame

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I breast feed but give 1 feed of formula before bed, which helps her sleep a bit longer. Also pump so my husband can give her a bottle of breast milk in the evening while I shower and cook dinner. Having a baby who takes bottle and breast has been great for us. I would recommend to pump regularly to keep up your supply though.

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I also did that with my second child. I pumped so that she alternated between both.

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I combo feed my daughter since she was born I started with breastfeeding first and I ended up not producing milk right away. I was just making colostrum for about 3 days after she was born so I formula feed her because I knew she was hungry and I wasn't filling her up with my breasts. And she is fine with either. Now I mostly feed her breast during the day and at night formula since it's easier for me or my fiance to feed her. I do pump my milk at night and feed her that as well. But combo feeding is what I think is great because no matter what she is eating she is full and happy and healthy. And that's all what matters to me.

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Mine are 13months apart, I combi with #1st and exclusively bf with second . Strangely it was much easier but do what you feel is best but try it out first and see how you get on :) ( babywearing helped )

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