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  • Waukesha, United States
  • 20 days ago

Post partum body dysmorphia

I’m not looking for “Noooo, you’re beautiful!” Comments. I’m feeling hella ugly and fat. I’m not. I’m factually aware, but from my preeclampsia my face and body swelled to the point where I looked well unlike myself (really not good). I feel like I still look like this. I hate having sex now, I don’t feel good without makeup. Anyone else having this weirdness? It fricken sucks.
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  • SJAFB, United States
  • 12 hours ago

I totally get that feeling! I never understood those moms who post pics of their postpartum bodies, because I could never be that confident in myself. I’m just trying to eat good and get fit so that no matter what size I am, I’ll feel good and be healthy! I’ve definitely found that for me, that helped/helps a lot. But just make sure you communicate how your feeling with your man so that he doesn’t think that he’s the reason you don’t want to get busy. Unless he is lol

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  • Colton, United States
  • 2 days ago

I think it sucks that after having a baby we feel the way we do. We accomplished an amazing thing, we made a human. I’m looking at my body and grabbing my muffin top wondering why my body betrayed me 😂 it’s normal. My hairline is crazy standing straight up with all the new growth. My boobs aren’t as cute and my gut sticks out farther than they do. I don’t feel pretty and makeup doesn’t help that. I just try to make an effort to solve my problems and keep pushing that jogger around the block.

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  • 4 days ago

I can relate. I lost 40 lbs while I was pregnant and I see the # on the scale and all but I feel uglier than before I got pregnant. I had twins via c section to my stretch marks plus my scar make me feel absolutely disgusting. I don’t let my husband see me naked anymore, but when he does catch me I feel so exposed. Fucking sucks.

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  • New York, United States
  • 10 days ago

Your are not alone, my daughter is 5 months and I am still struggling with my body. When I had my daughter, I had a c-section and it was very hard for me to bounce back because of recovery. Before I had my daughter I loved to work out but after having my daughter it seemed impossible. But slowly with a great support system I have managed to go back to the gym, it takes time and you’ll get there. I used to hate my body but I see my daughter smile and I remember my body grew and carried a human baby. You’re not alone !!!

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  • 10 days ago

I went through a very similar stage/ am working through similar feelings, I also had preeclampsia, with both baboes so I empathize greatly with you on that front as well 🙌

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