Post partum body dysmorphia

I’m not looking for “Noooo, you’re beautiful!” Comments. I’m feeling hella ugly and fat. I’m not. I’m factually aware, but from my preeclampsia my face and body swelled to the point where I looked well unlike myself (really not good). I feel like I still look like this. I hate having sex now, I don’t feel good without makeup. Anyone else having this weirdness? It fricken sucks.
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Yes!! With my first I was waaaay skinny I hated it! Size 0 were loose on me! I worked out and gained weight and finally was happy then I got pregnant 🤰🏻.... baby number two left me stretch marks and extra weight...so I have to start all over again. I hate it! I have the way I look and makes me feel very unhappy and unattractive...definitely hurting the sex life as well...trying to get motivated again to get back to how I was and better...but it’s freaking tough! You got this girl! One day at the time! You’re definitely not the only one feeling like this. I’m 3 months pp about to try carb cycling and see how it goes

Honestly I felt the same way!! I also was so fatigued. Baby #3 is no joke!! I started a 3 step program and I feel like a million bucks!!

I’m fat, ugly and too damn tired to go to the gym. No support so I’m doing this all alone. It’s exhausting keeping a human not only alive and healthy but also happy. I’m 4 months post partum. I had breastfeeding issues (still do), I’m on birth control AND Eglonyl (to increase lactation). It’s hard it really is and it’s frustrating because I was super fit before I had the baby. My stomach is basically the same size as where my boobs sit. It’s honestly just all a mess...but alas. Even if my scale keeps saying I’ve gained 31lbs I still just try do the little exercise I can and eat as healthy as I can 🤷🏾‍♀️

I HATED my boobs PP they were so small while I was preggos. Still an issue I’m battling but it’s getting better

I think it sucks that after having a baby we feel the way we do. We accomplished an amazing thing, we made a human. I’m looking at my body and grabbing my muffin top wondering why my body betrayed me 😂 it’s normal. My hairline is crazy standing straight up with all the new growth. My boobs aren’t as cute and my gut sticks out farther than they do. I don’t feel pretty and makeup doesn’t help that. I just try to make an effort to solve my problems and keep pushing that jogger around the block.

I can relate. I lost 40 lbs while I was pregnant and I see the # on the scale and all but I feel uglier than before I got pregnant. I had twins via c section to my stretch marks plus my scar make me feel absolutely disgusting. I don’t let my husband see me naked anymore, but when he does catch me I feel so exposed. Fucking sucks.

Your are not alone, my daughter is 5 months and I am still struggling with my body. When I had my daughter, I had a c-section and it was very hard for me to bounce back because of recovery. Before I had my daughter I loved to work out but after having my daughter it seemed impossible. But slowly with a great support system I have managed to go back to the gym, it takes time and you’ll get there. I used to hate my body but I see my daughter smile and I remember my body grew and carried a human baby. You’re not alone !!!

I went through a very similar stage/ am working through similar feelings, I also had preeclampsia, with both baboes so I empathize greatly with you on that front as well 🙌

Literally just starting to get back to the size I was before I had my son and he's 15 months! When I first gave birth I knew I wouldn't be thin or anything but I did start losing weight after the first couple weeks. HOWEVER I was unaware of how much breastfeeding makes you want to snack so I kept the extra 15 lbs on for longer than I planned to! It just takes time for our bodies and hormones to adjust especially if you go back on birth control. Those added hormones definitely didn't help!

Hi moms. I definitely feel you on this! I gained 35 lbs during my pregnancy. I was 120 lbs and went through alot to get to that weight then I got pregnant. I am 4 weeks post natural vaginal delivery & I feel disgusting. I hide from my husband when I change now. I feel so out of my own skin.

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Dude same. Changing in front of him feels like I’m an old lady in a locker room. So unsexy and practical.

My baby will be 4 months in a couple days and I still look like I’m 5 months pregnant. I hate it I feel gross and I have a two year old as well so going to work out feels almost impossible. Plus I work so I’m just here hating my body

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Someone was giving away an old Elliptical machine and I picked it up for my house bc I can never get to the gym anymore ☹️

I agree with everyone that you are stunning! What I had to come to terms with is that I would never be the 115 lb girl I was before getting pregnant (with child #1). I gave away my size 2-4 clothes. I have a tummy and do sometimes need to wear spanx. Nonetheless I have learned to love & focus on other things about myself. Admittedly I am not a fan of exercising but I try to walk a few times a week and stretch. I make a lot of healthy food choices. Don't forget to take some time for yourself and do things that make you feel good. Splurge on a piece of clothing, makeup, haircut if you can every once in awhile. Celebrate your beautiful body which has given birth to a miracle. :)

Hey ladies! I still have 2 weeks left in my pregnancy and definitely have a fear that I’ll feel all these things too! I’ve never really struggled with weight, but for a long time I struggled with mentally loving my body. I recently became an online health/ fitness coach and it has honestly been a game changer for my mental and physical health. I’m learning to love my body now more than ever before and I’m hoping that will continue post-partum! Please feel free to message me with any questions! ❤️❤️

I feel ya girl. I was super tiny and fit before getting pregnant. I was 102lbs and I gained 70lbs by the end of it.. :( I'm 5 months pp and still fat with a huge sagging mom pouch and huge saggy boobs from breastfeeding. Nothing fits me so I'm still wearing mostly maternity clothes. I cant even wear Jean's because I got so fat and huge hips but my legs aren't that big so jeans are always baggy in the legs but barely do up on my belly..

Same here 2 months pp and I feel bigger than in my pregnancy, mirrors and I aren’t friends at the moment... At the same time I am so hungry all the time 😅 so hard to eat healthy. I just enrolled to some baby & me classes hopefully this will give me the motivation...

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This! I'm 2mths pp and I just keep hoping that what I see in the mirror will magically change one morning.

Same! It’s like the mirror is playing tricks 😫

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I’m 4 months pp, it’s so hard because I’m actually at my pre pregnancy weight but my body is SOO different and I have this loose skin on my tummy. I might be at my “goal weight ” but my body looks so different. I’m learning to love my new body and embrace it. Especially because I refuse to get a boob job or tummy tuck!

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Same exact for me!! I can’t believe how much my body changed and I’m at my pre pregnancy weight

I feel the same way. I am right at my pre pregnancy weight... but my body is just so different. I had to have a c-section and this pouch kills my self esteem

My “baby” will be five next month, and I’m a lot bigger than I want to be. Like, 40lbs bigger. And I can’t blame it on baby weight, either, bc I had lost it all, and then got on an antidepressant that helped me gain those 40lbs. I’m off of that medication now, but the weight still won’t come off. Admittedly, I do not eat that well and I don’t exercise. Sometimes I’ll put on something and feel great, but most of the time I just throw on clothes and think, “Good enough”. I have a BIG complex about my body now. I get it. Feeling this way sucks.

WOW! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! I have the same issue. I feel like my body changed so much that I don’t feel “sexy” anymore. My boyfriend tells me the opposite and it sometimes it isn’t enough. (Although I love him even more for trying to make me feel better) So I started working out, eating healthier and doing things that make me feel better about myself. Like doing my hair more often (like doing curls, just straightening it) or wearing make up or even going to the spa or getting my nails done. I don’t know it just makes me feel better with myself, more comfortable in my own skin and more confident. So Iunderstand you for sure. Maybe try to take some time for yourself, dress up, go out for some drinks. I know it’s hard with a baby but daddy can watch him for a couple of hours on a Saturday right? Just spoil yourself every once in a while. Buy yourself some sexy lingerie! I found that It made me feel sexier. It's not necessarily for our man. It's for us a well! Treat yourself! Take some time for you!

Same. My brain has always kind of worked this way but now after baby I am hanging on to the last of the weight like the last TV on Black Friday.

My belly pooch is killing me.. 3 months pp and expecting it to magically go away. ☹️

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I hear ya! I’m 4 months post and I can still feel my pooch hanging down and jiggling when I walk, ugh! I’m sick of wearing spanx!

Being from fit to pregnant ... things are changing, I’m also going through literally the same thing! I can barely stand any photo I take of myself ... but it’s totally all in my head. 🤷🏼‍♀️idk how to fix it or if it’ll change, so I cut sugars out and started working out again since I’m in my second trimester, hoping that helps! 😳You’re not alone.

I completely understand where you’re at right now since I’m in the same place.

I can understand feeling not like yourself and I won't tell you what you should feel. However, fat doesn't always been ugly and beautiful doesn't always mean thin.

Same !! I love being a mom but sometimes I don’t recognized myself..

I have some days where I feel good but other days I really hate on myself for my belly pooch. Sometimes I just cant get it out of my mind and it really upsets me. I just keep staring at my stomach and feeling sad. It's the worst! :(

I gained too much weight during my last pregnancy. I feel disgusting 😞 I just can't I want to stay home and never leav

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That’s what I’m doing now

Dude same. I don’t want to go anywhere.

Definitely coming from a person who used to be 150 and was almost 300 pounds I completely understand and it’s really annoying when everyone around is like “oh it looks good on you”

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