4 years ago

Speech Therapy

My son will be 2 in a couple weeks and after ruling out any bigger concerns, we’ve been told he just has isolated speech delay so we are starting therapy. Would love to hear others experiences
Speech Therapy

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2 months ago

Hey ladies I commented on this post a long time ago and had the same concern when my daughter turned two and only had a few words, But around 2.5 almost 3 she started to push those phrases out. She is now three and a half almost and talks non stop. Some kids just bloom a bit later than others and that’s ok! Speech therapy is great. It honestly just there to give you ways to work with them at home, because if there is no diagnosis they will definitely talk when they are ready. Dr google will have us moms going insane trying to make these kids perfect lol!

2 months ago

I'm going through this with my 4 year old and 3 year old . He gets frustrated fast

3 months ago

Halah, she goes to Elite Therapy in Central Texas.

3 months ago

When my oldest was 3 she had fluid in her ears which caused her hearing to sound muffled to her , which then caused issues with her speech. She needed to have surgery. Bi lateral ear tubes and they also removed her tonsils & adenoids. Since then and til this day she recieves speech therapy [ she's 9 now] and she has come such a long way!!! Her speech improved so much and we absolutely owe it all to her teachers, & speech therapists at her awesome school!

3 months ago

My daughter has been in speech therapy for just a few months and we have already seen an explosion in language skills. She is a foster that came to us from a house with severe neglect. At 3 years old, everyone was mama and then there was just grunting and pointing. She made big improvements just being in a loving home with attention, but with speech twice a week I'm so surprised at the improvement she is constantly making. She also loves going because she plays games and gets stickers at the end. Every morning it's "I go peet (speech) now?!"

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3 months ago

This made me so happy to read may I ask where do you take your child for speech therapy please?

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