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  • Calgary, Canada
  • 19 days ago

Speech Therapy

My son will be 2 in a couple weeks and after ruling out any bigger concerns, we’ve been told he just has isolated speech delay so we are starting therapy. Would love to hear others experiences
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  • New Milford, United States
  • 4 days ago

My brother went from completely nonverbal at 3 years old to a non stop talker (articulate speech, too) within a year.

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  • Cupertino, United States
  • 6 days ago

My sister’s son is 20 months old and does not say a single word. He only grunts. Should I mention speech therapy to her? How would you want to hear it if you were being told your child may need speech therapy?

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  • Robbinsdale, United States
  • 6 days ago

It's delicate no one wants to be told that their kid is behind. Maybe suggest saying usually children say a few words by now, have you thought of looking into http://helpmegrowmn.org/HMG/index.htm it's free and they come to your house. They can help him get on track and be ready for kindergarten, early intervention is key. Then leave it at that. I wouldn't really push it.

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  • Crossville, United States
  • 8 days ago

My son is now 28 months he has been in speech therapy for 4 months 30 minutes a week. I knew there were development issues pretty early on. I wasn't sure what 30 minutes a week would do but to give my son every chance possible we started to go. He is still behind the curve, but the progress in his development is astounding. Not only is he developing in the area of speech but opening that door has made a difference in his progress with other children, and how he interacts with day to day struggles. If you have the opportunity take it. The best thing you can do for your child is give them any opportunity that is put out there for them. If a door opens don't let it close the only thing that will not be beneficial for your children is to not give them that chance

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  • Watsontown, United States
  • 9 days ago

My dude was almost 6 weeks early. Said a few words, understood a whole lot. We had an eval early intervention and he gets speech once a week at daycare, and optional occupational therapy, which has also helped tremendously. Between the therapists and his wonderful day care ( started in late October at this new daycare), he is saying more words, attempting words, and learning so many other things. Don’t worry - it’s not the end of the world, and it isn’t directly correlated to what you did or didn’t do as a parent. Some kids, and most boys, talk later than others. Celebrate the successes and love your kiddo unconditionally. 💗

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  • Palmyra Township, United States
  • 9 days ago

My 6 yr had Id intellectual disability non-verbal she gets in school an outside private therapy along with ot.. an she has aac.

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