1 year ago

Guilt over quitting breastfeeding?

i had planned to breastfeed for 6 months, i only made it 3 weeks 😔breastfeeding is quite painful for me as baby boy was not getting a good latch but i kept at it, took in tips from lactation specialists to help, but at Robbies two week weight check he hadn’t gotten to birth weight yet so the dr told me to supplement with formula for a few weeks and to try and increase my supply, she told me to every 3 hours breastfeed first, then bottle feed 3oz of formula, then pump. so i was doing all of this but i got to feeling overwhelmed with it pretty fast. it felt like my entire day was spent on just feeding and pumping and washing bottles and pump components. i was also trying lactation cookies and a supplement increase supply but it didnt seem to be increasing. so i slowly phased out breastfeeding over about a week and im now on day 3 of formula only. idk why i feel so guilty, like i could’ve done more to keep breastfeeding. i have the pump and storage bags and breastfeeding bras and when i see those things i feel guilty. i know my child being fed is what’s important but im wondering why i feel guilt, like ive somehow failed my baby? its like there is so much pressure to breastfeed. the lactation specialist had told me my thyroid issue might cause a problem with supply but a friend of mine told me her sister with the same issue had an oversupply and that baby most likely has a tongue tie and the issue could be fixed. his dr didnt mention a tongue tie though. if i was talking to another mom in this position i would tell her not to feel bad so why do i feel bad? im totally wrestling with my feelings about this. was going to post this incognito but honestly this is me and this is real so why hide it, i think women feel too much shame over what we go thru, i mean, im literally shaming myself over quitting breastfeeding in a way here. anyone gone thru these same feelings?
Guilt over quitting breastfeeding?

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9 months ago

I made it to 5.5 months and I feel overwhelmed by guilt for wanting to stop. He eats so much and I just can’t keep up while working full time too. I cry every night bc I feel like I’m not trying hard enough. 😔

1 year ago

Do not feel guilty! Look at how beautiful your little one is, and you grew him all yourself and kept him safe in a cosy home for 9 months 💕 He’s had 3 weeks worth of antibody cover etc. from the breast milk. But the most important thing is that feeding works for both of you. It’s not worth ruining those precious moments with your baby boy having to stress about feeding. Be proud of everything you’ve achieved, and how beautiful your little boy is x

1 year ago

There is a lot of emphasis on women breastfeeding as it's considered better for baby. I felt pressured from my MIL too as she kept saying baby needs to get on breast (my daughter was in NICU for 10 days and being fed through a tube to begin with). I tried breastfeeding for about 3 weeks too but did use bottles too so my husband could feed our baby too. Eventually I just said I wanted to move to bottles exclusively and he supported me. I did express for as long as I could but she gained weight and that's what's important.

1 year ago

You have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about, you are taking great care of your son! Fed is best and a mama who is feeling better and not so overwhelmed it’s better for you and baby. Besides he got the best of the milk supply, the colostrum in the first week. Breast-feeding doesn’t work out for everyone, that’s just how it is, nothing to be ashamed of it all. Hold your head up high and enjoy your baby!

1 year ago

Wow reading I felt like I was speaking/typing.lol I feel the ame way my daughter was born Jan 12 at 32 weeks and was at the nicu for two so I didn’t breast feed her right way. I would pump and take her milk. I was told to constantly pump to I can keep my supply but I honestly Wouldn’t do it every 2 hours since I have a toddler to take care of I was also in pain due to the c section and was kinda depressed sue to coming home from visiting her in the movie and not bringing her with us. And when she was finally home I tried breastfeeding but she didn’t want to latch I guess she was use to the bottle already and also because my nipple was to big for her since she was born small 3lbs 11 oz . She’s was about 4lbs when we brought her home. I notices o hasn’t pumping much milk and slowly started giving up. 😭😢 I do still feel bad about it aswell.

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