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Nursing in public covered or uncovered?

Nursing the second time around been a completely different experience than with my first. My first child was pre pandemic, we were going to restaurants, parks dinner parties with friends, basically having a full life with a child. I have always respected women’s rights to nurse openly in public and with out a cover if they choose. I also respect women who choose to use a cover, in some cases these women would choose to give a bottle or nurse in a bathroom if they didn’t feel like they could be covered. This isn’t a debate between the two. My children both decided I would not be using a cover!! I would love to know what your struggles have been as a new mom nursing in public for the first time or as second (or beyond) time moms what you have come across as different from your prior nursing experiences. How has Covid changed that? Also what are your pros and cons of nursing covers? Do you choose to cover up or nurse openly and what were your deciding factors either way? And for anyone who would like to know the photo was taken in Glacier National Park at Avalanche Lake.
Nursing in public covered or uncovered?

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6 days ago

I am a huge fan of Latched Mama nursing clothes. They allow for modesty while not needing to cover your baby. Linking my favorite basic at the moment, but they have everything. Shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, rompers etc. Conservative but cute. Easy to style. https://latchedmama.com/collections/all-nursing-tops/products/v-neck-boyfriend-nursing-tee

6 days ago

@Ange 🌙✨ thanks! I love mine as well, I still use them for everything!!

6 days ago

I honestly just have used a Cotton Muslim blanket from Aiden & Anais. It’s lightweight and breathable material and they are great quality! I’ve had some of mine for over a decade https://www.adenandanais.com/organic-cotton-swaddles-4-pk-outdoors-aswo40002

6 days ago

@Angela thank you for sharing do you mind sharing what covers you liked? Pros and cons? Thanks!

6 days ago

@Kari thanks for sharing, what kind of cover did you like? Any pros or cons?

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