Struggling with binge eating.

Hello everyone. Me and my partner are planning to start trying to conceive towards the end of the year. I want to try and spend some time preparing my body and losing some weight. However I am really struggling with binge/emotional eating. I have gained another 3lbs and instead of being motivated to then get it off I comfort eat to make me feel better. Just wondered if anyone had any tips or techniques they used to combat binge eating.
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I stumbled into emotional eating during my 1st pregnancy. and I've been fighting the urges ever since. For me, acknowledging that I'm not hungry but seeking a distraction/feeling helps. Step 2 is usually trying to think of something else that can help me feel better.(like binge watching, or something else equally guilty pleasure, but not as or more harmful.) And because my mouth is still bored, I usually try to include a healthy snack into it. Like frozen fruit or a smoothie. Or tea.... Also since I shop for us, we don't buy ice cream anymore. Or any of the other addictive foods! (I have a mental list of foods I have self control issues with. Corn dogs are a big one 🙄) I'm definitely not completely over it, but I fall into it far less lately. Highly recommend you peek into trim healthy mama, as they are an excellent source for learning about healthy foods/habits. They have lots of desserts that both force self control and are delicious.(sweetener will be too much, if binged. Ask how I know! Lol)

I’m also in a similar position trying to you Bianca. I’m also doing Noom and have lost half a stone in a month so would recommend.

Ive seen noom adverts... but not read how it works

Yes totally understand, i finally managed to order a treadmill arriving monday and hope that motivates and prevents me from binging

Id like to know tooooo... i need to lose at least a stone

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It is so difficult isn't it. I wish healthy eating was more affordable as well. Unhealthy options that need more processing and packaging are less money then something grown naturally, it doesn't make sense!

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