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  • Allegan, United States
  • 14 days ago

College with two under two?

So I have a 15 month old - who will be 17 months when his little brother is born in January. I really want to become a nurse. I did beauty school after high school, then I wanted to be a stay at home mom. I do not regret this and my husband and I planned having 2U2 but, I would love to start school summer 2019 or fall 2019. My husband wants me to wait until 2020 or until the boys are in pre-k. I feel like the sooner I start the better. What is everyones experience? Is it worth it to wait until they are older or should I get on it ASAP, will I be more likely to quit if I start sooner. Is it more beneficial to do pre reqs at home or online?
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  • New Milford, United States
  • 4 days ago

I’ve got 10 month old twins and I’m a grad student πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Go for it, girl!

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  • 5 days ago

Think if you want to start school soon you should go for it. Either way time will fly bye. I had no choice when I had my daughter. Had to go back to school . I love taking online classes. It’s so flexible and I have more time with my daughter, since she in middle school she always has something, I can take my laptop and do homework where ever I go. Wish you the best , hopefully you figure it out.... Go for it πŸ˜ŠπŸ’ΌπŸ““

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  • Sandy, United States
  • 6 days ago

I have 4 that are 5 and under. I'm currently doing school full time and have a ways to go with my masters.

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  • Sandy, United States
  • 6 days ago

I'm studying to be a physician's assistant

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  • Elgin, United States
  • 6 days ago

My daugther is 8 months and I'm about to start a two year nursing program. It's going to be difficult either way but do able. Also many of the science courses have a lab portion that will need to be taken in person (not online). I would suggest starting your pre reqs now and take them 1 at a time so you can do your best. Nursing programs are competitive so aim for As & Bs. Make sure you have extra support at home with the kids so you can study a lot. Don't put school off any longer, just do it!

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  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
  • 6 days ago

I have a son who is 6 months old and I will be studying nursing and midwifery next September and college then going onto university. Deffo worth doing it’s good for children to see their parents focused and driven I think! Will be hard with two for sure! But oh so worth it! You go mama!!

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