Maternity “leave”? What do you think?

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I was lucky to have a year paid in the UK with both my babies. I can’t imagine having to go back to work right away. My little one had a lot of issues and I would find that really difficult.

I am in NJ and I had 6 weeks of disability followed by 6 weeks of FDI. I went back at 12 weeks. It is a sick joke! I think women should have at least a year paid! My husband only had 3.5 weeks off - in which he had to use his personal time. Men should have at least 6 months, paid!

I have a year...don't know how mama's who go back early do it. My brain felt foggy until last month (month 10)

In Europe moms get a year paid. I think it’s an important investment in our children. Breastfeeding for a full year would be hard or almost impossible going back to work so quickly. I personally get to stay home so it’s a non issue for me. But my heart breaks for you working mamas who wish you were home (of course I think it’s important to have the option for what’s best for you and baby)

I only took two weeks, but I also work from home so I was able to make it work. Washington just passed a law that allows for 12 weeks paid leave.

We get 1 year, or just recently the option to take 18 months, in Canada. The employer generally pays nothing, you go on federal unemployment insurance which is a fraction of your income up to a maximum or a few hundred per week. It’s the same amount of money total whether you choose to spread it over 12 or 18 months. It’s definitely worth taking the extra time if you can afford it but most people can’t. You do have to work 600 insurable hours (which just means you have to pay into the system via taxes) in the year leading up, and you have to work for your employer for 1 year in order for them to be obligated to hold your job. Overall I think it’s a fair system that encourages mothers to return to work but I know some countries get more pay for longer.

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I agree. I even felt the 12 months I had with my first wasn’t enough. I’m so grateful it was extended in my province before I go off with my first, even if it will be financially difficult I think it’s so worthwhile.

What are the sources for this post?

I had to go on maternity leave early and the entire thing was unpaid. So I have been without a paycheck living off only my husbands income since July 2018 and it makes me not want to go back cause what the hell... I thought we got paid for at least the 6 weeks of actual maternity leave but no so why should I work for you and leave my kid when weve been managing just fine without the income...

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What state are you in? If your job pays into the state you do get 3 months in CA. But depends on your job

That's something I get worried about is me not wanting to go back to work I stayed home with my son and the second one I want to as well but I don't know how long is maternity leave either I was thinking have my maternity leave and my sick hours but I don't know if I wanna go back and stay with my baby for a while

I wasn’t allowed maternity leave. I had to use my vacations I’ve been saving which was only 2 weeks. So I quit and became a stay at home mom cause how messed up was that .

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I'm so jealous! Good for you lady!!!!

I wish my maternity leave would've been forever instead of just one year! Lol😂

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We get 3 months!! That definitely wasn’t enough and that caused me to quit my job. If we got a longer maternity leave. I would still have a job and be happy to go back! 3 months is ridiculous! No way was I going to put my 3 month old in one of the dirty daycares in my area!

There are laws in many states that make it illegal to sell/separate a puppy from its mother before its 8 weeks old. How is it we don’t give the same consideration to human babies and moms 💔

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