1 year ago

Breastfeeding tips

I am currently breastfeeding my Bub who is 3 days old. I legit can not handle the pain from my right side when he is sucking does anyone have any home remedies or tips on getting it to not hurt so much Thank you so much in advance
Breastfeeding tips

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5 days ago

The silver nipple shields are my saving grace when I breastfeed my baby and nipple cream 

22 days ago

And don’t give up. This is what comes first with breast feeding but it will pass and the experience will be amazing for you xxx

22 days ago

Also nipple Shields made mine worse

22 days ago

Follow olivia_lactation_consultant on Instagram. She is amazing. Her posts cover everything on breast feeding. I tried all sorts of things that didn’t help until I found her and honestly she was a life saver just to watch a few of her posts were a massive help!

24 days ago

Maybe try a nipple shield? It shouldn’t hurt.

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